“This is Big Ten football. The weather is part of the game.”

Please make this happen.  I can’t imagine a better recruiting tool for every SEC coach than to watch a Big Ten championship game take place the first week in December at Soldier Field.  Or, even better, Cleveland.

I can hear Nick Saban/Urban Meyer now:  “Hey, did you catch that game last Saturday night?  Sure looked cold, didn’t it?  I used to coach in the Midwest – you don’t know the half of it.”

… David Gilbert, president of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, told The (Ohio) Morning Journal that he expects the game to be rotated among cities and that non-domed stadiums should not be ruled out. The game likely would be played on Dec. 3, 2011.

“This is not SEC football,” he told the paper…

True ‘dat.


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23 responses to ““This is Big Ten football. The weather is part of the game.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Gilbert’s comment implies that he thinks snow and crappy weather are desirable features. I guess he has to play the cards he’s dealt, but that’s something he had to rehearse to say with a straight face.

  2. 81Dog

    why would they want to put Slowhio St. on a fast track, anyway? To highlight some of their 4.8 Clydesdales?

    SEC teams probably have punters who can outrun some of the Big Ten backs and WRs. Our fast is faster than their fast. By all means, play it in the fog or in 10 degree weather. Play it in Chicago one balmy December evening when the Hawk is blowing in off Lake Michigan. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

  3. James

    Great point 81dog, really good stuff.

  4. Silver Creek Dawg

    Ask the Big XII (uh, X?) how well having their title game in Kansas City worked out for them.

    I guess Mr. Gilbert forgot the fact that the first few SEC title games were at Legion Field.

  5. Macallanlover

    I have never understood why anyone wants to determine their championship in conditions that minimize the skills used to get those contenders to the title game in the first place. Over 90 percent of the season is not played in weather below freezing, and rarely in snow or freezing rain. Who would make a decision to play in those conditions when a perfect climate is available in domed stadiums? I understood before they had better alternatives.

    Why would they want their fans to sit for 4 hours in those conditions? I guess the crazies that wear no shirts at games have taken control. There are reasons people don’t retire to the North, and this is one.

  6. Dallasga6

    Looks like the avg. high & lows for Chicago on Dec. 3rd. High 38….low 24… lovely weather for football…

  7. 69Dawg

    Great idea now the Big-X/XI/XII Champ will get to play their BCS game with players out with frost bite.

  8. Andy

    Win your cold, outdoor championship game and then get slaughtered by the SEC in your warm, sunny bowl game. Makes perfect sense to me.

  9. BMan

    I’m forever amused at the Big Twen obsession with not being perceived to be like the SEC. Besides, who would want to be like the conference that produced the last four MNCs?

    Let them sit in freezing weather to watch a conference championship (that I pray Nebraska plays in); after all, they have their AAU-member degrees to keep them warm.

    • JC in Powder Springs

      Yet another verbal dig from the big 10+2. I think it’s gone past ‘obsession’ and has become an inferiority complex.

      First, Notre Dame doesn’t even bother to return calls, and now the championship game might be outdoors in Cleveland! Good luck.

  10. RC

    I used to work with a guy who was a pretty highly recruited RB in his day, out of Atlanta. He used to tell the story of his recruiting trip to Michigan and how Bo Schembechler took great pains to tour their glorious indoor practice facility with him and 3 or 4 stud recruits from FLA. My buddy ultimately signed with and played at Michigan said that was the last time he saw the inside of that place.

  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The one thing Gilbert said that I agree with (referring to the Big 10): “This is not SEC football.” You got that right, bub.

  12. Dan

    Wow, I didn’t realize the internet reached the south.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You must have attended Northwestern. If you went to Michigan State or any of the other Big 10+2 schools you wouldn’t be able to spell “internet.”

      • AnotherDan

        Ha, funny that SEC schools are academically worse than every school in the Big Ten. Oh, and how did those bowl games work out for your guys? Did Auburn like almost blowing that game to the mighty Northwestern Wildcats? LSU get those footprints off their a$$es yet?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Talk about weak. LSU loses by 2 points and an Auburn win is all you can point to as evidence of Big 10+2 superiority? And while I’m at it, Vandy (#17) is ahead of every Big 10+2 team in the US News ratings except Northwestern (#12). FLA and UGA are ahead of most of the Big 10+2 also. Get your facts straight.

        • 81Dog

          Northwestern “almost” beat Auburn? What are you, a Tech fan bleating about “quality losses”? Also, if LSU needs any help getting footprints off their asses, I guess we can advise them to call Ohio State. Those boys have lots of experience with SEC footprint on ass removal.

    • GL

      It’s too bad that a championship caliber college team hasn’t reached the north.

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  14. Spike

    Ohio State, the bully of the Big Ten, is what , 0-13 against the SEC? How is all that cold weather play working out for the Buckeyes?

    • 81Dog

      yeah, but they’re tougher than we are….which probably explains why they don’t stand weeping on the sidelines after yet another SEC team kicks their asses.

  15. 81dogisafag

    I cant wait till ohio state wins the national title next year and your stupid ass is stuck typing meaningless text on websites.

    If SEC teams played their games in the cold they wouldnt be as “fast” as you claim them to be, and whats speed if you cant plow people over with the frequency the big ten is able to do.

    The SEC pumps out punks like TEBOW who cry like girls on the sideline, and who will never make it in the NFL.

    College football= SEC, NFL = Big Ten

    suck on that you sun fags.