A test

The latest post at Phil Steele’s site is entitled “Coaches on the Hot Seat”.  It’s a perfect opportunity to see how much you’ve swallowed the media narrative.

Before you click on it, ask yourself if you think Mark Richt’s name appears there (thirteen names listed, if that helps).


Now, how do you feel after you’ve seen the list?


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15 responses to “A test

  1. BenG

    I went with “no” because Phil Steele actually thinks about stuff.


  2. Sanford222View

    I too knew Steele would actually apply some logic to crafting his list and answered “no.”

    As a CU @ Boulder alum I am hoping Hawkins moves to Number 1 on this list by the end of the season.


  3. thewhiteshark

    I’ll send Phil an email and let him know how dumb he is for leaving CMR off the list — after all, a genius like Finebaum can’t be wrong. I’ll also breathlessly anticipate the wordy rant from negative? or mr. college football returns about all of CMR’s issues.


  4. anon

    Met an Auburn fan in Athens last night, they couldn’t stop talking about Richt’s so called predicament.

    They couldn’t answer the question I posed to them: What better coach would we be able to hire who could stand the pressure of following a coach who returned SEC titles to Athens and averaged 10 wins a season for nearly a decade?

    There. Is. No. Hotseat.


    • JasonC

      One of the smartest “anon”s ever.

      But I am waiting for Finebaum and the other idiots to team up with the gubernatorial candidates and blame Richt for all the immigrants and Obama-care.


    • Brandon

      I cut Auburn fans a degree of slack in any discussion of hot seats, they are totally crazy when it comes to coaches and will advocate firing almost anyone on a whim, for most of our other rival’s fans I would chalk such talk up to be a concerted but vain effort to try and destabilize our program. Auburn fans are neither that smart nor insincere when they discuss such matters, I have no doubt they actually would fire Richt from Auburn under the same set of facts if he was coach there, in fact he may already be gone.


  5. Chuck

    Never mind Richt, I thought that Ralph Friedgen would have been fired long ago, but he hasn’t been fired, so I assumed they had made the decision to opt for mediocrity in football and try for better in basketball. So, I was surprised to see his name. Then when I read the analysis, it sounds like I am basically right, and his seat isn’t that hot. He would have to really screw up to get fired, and even then an important upset or two and low tier bowl would probably still keep him there.


  6. DawgBiscuit

    I guessed “no” as well. When I think of the hot seat, I think of Rich Rod, Dan Hawkins, and the Zooker, who are all coming off consecutive losing seasons and will be fired this year, barring a miracle season. Mark Richt has won the SEC twice in nine years, averaged 10 wins a season, and never come close to a losing record in his career. Those who say the man is on a “hot seat” are writers looking for clicks, homers of our rivals who want to hurt our program, or both.

    I was surprised to see Les Miles on the list. While he has underachieved the last two years, the man just won a national championship in 2007 (albiet with Saban’s recruits). I think that MNC buys Miles one more “rebuilding” year, but 10 wins will be expected in 2011 for him to keep his job.

    Mark Richt is not on the hot seat. Period. Go Dawgs!


    • RedCrake

      I agree.

      Richt’s 8-5 record from last year would be a good/great season for most hotseat coaches.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The Richt “hot seat” canard was started by our enemies who want to plant that seed in the minds of some of our more lunatic UGA fans. The enemies want Richt to be gone. He has kicked their asses so many time they can’t stand it.


  7. @chuck

    It sends shivers down my spine to think how close we were to having the Fridge coach the Dawgs.


  8. Sep

    How could Bobby Johnson of Vanderbilt been left off the list? We all knew that was coming. Right!
    Must have been hot in Nashville. These lists are b.s.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Perhaps Phil hasn’t heard that Damon Evans was fired. Certainly, that lit a fire under Richt’s hot seat… oh wait. It didn’t. It’s just that national sports columnists are retarded.