Thursday afternoon buffet

If you’re hot and bored, you could do worse.


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13 responses to “Thursday afternoon buffet

  1. BenG

    If Georgia stays healthier and plays well this season, two-a-days may go the way of the I formation.


    • Dawgfan17

      The chart about offenses and defenses clearly shows as some people have stated recently that Bobo should be gone, haha. PPG only to be matched by Arkansas, returning 10 starters, the lone one that is gone was considered the weak link last year. Hmm should it be UGA’s offense that is predicted to be unstoppable this year instead of Bama’s which is why many have them predicted pre-season #1 or Arkansas’ whose offense that put up great numbers at home but struggled mightily on the road.

    • fetch

      If Georgia stays healthier and plays well this season, two-a-days may go the way of the I formation.


      Yeah. I thought the same thing. Because the I formation is NEVER used by ANYONE anymore. *rolls eyes*

  2. anon

    I’ve said it thousands of times . . . Pete Fiutak is an assclown.

  3. Dante

    I don’t have any problem with SMU denying students who can’t even scrape together 900 SAT and 2.5 GPA, but SMU’s admissions staff and the coaching staff probably should’ve talked those situations out first. I know final grades aren’t in by the time they hand out scholarships, but you have to know which kids are on that bubble at that point. Then again, SMU plays its athletics vs. academics out in an almost Animal House fashion. Check out the book A Payroll to Meet some time to really get an idea of how incompetent the higher ups at SMU can be.

  4. Macallanlover

    I like the elimination of two-a-days, although I would reserve the right to re-install if players don’t respond by using the one session to be crisp, or to do their homework on the play book/defensive assignment end of the equation. We are thin at several positions and play 11 games before our first break, so injuries and tired legs should be a concern. With the platoon system in place and year round conditioning programs in place, fatique shouldn’t be an issue we have to deal with by grinding in the August heat.

  5. Dog in Fla

    The body of work of the Kansas and Kansas State AD’s, whose performance was previously known little of outside the city limits of Lawrence and Manhattan, is certainly good enough to compete with that of the superstars like Mike from Knoxvul, Mike from LA, Braine from Atlanta, Kevin from South Bend and Damon from Athens.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Too bad about the SC o lineman. Don’t you just hate it for Steve?

    What do you predict the on-field temperature will be in Columbia at game-time?

    My guess is 109.

  7. Sep

    USC should get more sanctions after that. There is no way a coaching staff or recruiting staff doesn’t know more about a recruit than what Carroll alledges.

    It’s a shame he can’t be penalized instead of just the School. It is wonderful however that Kiffin gets the diaper duty.

  8. Mike

    That quadrant look is cool. But given UGA was in the upper quadrant on offense, why all the optimism this year? IOW, how much can they improve, even with Cox leaving and Murray taking over?

    The problem with UGA was not offense. It was defense.

  9. fetch

    A new one for the lexicon – Fiutak’d. Whenever a ‘journalist’ posts something ridiculously stupid, we can say “Man, he really Fiutak’d that up!”.

    • NRBQ

      Sorry, but that’s too broad.

      “Journalists” do that ’round the interweb clock.

      I agree with the lexicon-worthiness, but prognosticating a promising career that lies ahead for a dead guy is beyond the pale, and few will attain such Fiutakian levels of stupid and lazy.