I know I should express shock, outrage and dismay over Larry Fedora’s decision not to suspend three key players from Southern Mississippi’s opener for their arrests for disorderly conduct – or at least a sarcastic response to this comment…

Fedora said the three players understood they made a “mistake,” and expressed regret for the incident.

… but, then again, the Golden Eagles open against South Carolina and these players kind of matter.

… Brown has been one of the Golden Eagles’ biggest weapons in his two seasons at Southern Miss. He was injured in the 2008 New Orleans Bowl, sustaining a compound leg fracture, but came back last season to catch 47 passes for 785 yards and nine touchdowns.

Morris made five starts for the Golden Eagles last season while Smith recorded 82 tackles as a starting outside linebacker.

I think I’ll settle for simultaneously shaking my head and clapping my hands as I watch the game and see one of them make a play.



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    • Jay

      At least Fedora is “honest” in that approach..he knows he needs those guys to have a chance. I seem to remember a certain coachbot over in Tuscaloosa that “unsuspended” DJ Hall, the starting wide receiver at halftime of the LA MO game, when his team was struggling mightily….obviously, both coaches want to win at all costs, just one of them will admit it up front.


      • Jay, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s just that DJ didn’t understand he’d made a mistake and apologize until halftime of the game. Once he did that, Saban was satisfied that he’d learned his lesson. 😉


  2. This Brown guy is a receiver on par with the A. J.s and Alshons of the world. Not sure if I think he’s quite as good as A. J. (best receiver in college football IMO), but he’s damn close. He’s built like a TE, runs like a receiver, and has fantastic moves and hands. I didn’t follow his recruitment at the time, but I really want to know how he ended up at USM. His recruiting page says he had offers from Florida and LSU as a five-star recruit.


    • IIRC, he was Fedora’s first big time signing. Two reasons I heard for why were questions about qualifying and being close to his mom.

      You’re right, he’s a WR with elite skills.

      BTW, I hope you guys win. I just don’t want it to be easy. 😉


      • I appreciate your goodwill. And I doubt it will be too easy, based on how we usually play in opening games. Just don’t get your hopes up if we struggle. Remember, we struggled against Louisiana-Lafayette in the opener in 2007.


  3. Mike

    Fedora comes from the Ron Zook school of discipline.

    He is a pretty good offensive mind, but does not have much else to recommend him


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Reminds me of a line from the old “Official Lawyer’s Handbook”: Ethics are okay, but let’s don’t get carried away here!


  5. negative ?

    Vance Cuff is NOT suspended at ALL

    Branden Smith is NOT suspended at ALL

    Tavarres King 1-game suspension

    Vance Cuff provided his valid over 21 years old driver’s license so that the 7 in the vehicle could go get drunk and commit ALL THESE CRIMES.

    Vance Cuff not suspended at all

    Branden Smith asked Vance Cuff for his driver’s license because they are exactly alike. He then got in the vehicle of 7 teenagers and took them to the liquor store where Branden Smith bought the alcohol that caused 7 people to be arrested or have their driver’s licenses suspended, including Branden Smith.

    Branden Smith not suspended at all

    Tavarres King duped 1 of the 7 to drive FOR HIM so that TAVARRES KING would not subject himself to a possible DUI. He also provided the Chevrolet Avalanche so that the 7 of them could all get in it and drive around Athens for the sole purpose of GETTING DRUNK in Tavarres’ vehicle. He got a 1-game suspension while the very good stand-out running back in the G-Day Game this year, whom Tavarres CONNED into driving Tavarres’ vehicle got a 6-game suspension. In addition to ALL THIS, Tavarres also did NOTHING when his driver then hit another vehicle and left. Tavarres STAYED in the vehicle, did not make his driver STOP HIS VEHICLE, and in FACT FORCED his driver DRUNK to drive Tavarres’ vehicle. The Judge is SO going to throw the book at both Vance Cuff and Branden Smith; but he will EVEN MORE SO throw the damn book at this Trouble-Maker Tavarres King, whose only mitigating factor is that Tavarres is obviously smarter than his own teammate whom Tavarres took advantage of, Dontavius Jackson. For that, Tavarres wins the prize.

    And, Coach Richt for ALLOWING all 3 of these to get off for their real Trouble-Making ways – when these 3 are the ones who caused it all.

    And, then I come in here an Bluto wants to say WAH Coach Richt has SUSPEND HIS PLAYERS again this week.

    B.S. Bluto.


    That is a bad for you say Bluto as it is to name this blog