Saved by DeBell.

Yeah, I know.

Normally, I don’t do verbal commitment posts, but for obvious reasons, I’d like to welcome Georgia’s newest offensive line recruit and zombie avoidance expert.

I only hope that Coach Searels will relax his media restriction rules at least somewhat.  You can’t ever get enough warning about why wearing a mullet is dangerous.



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7 responses to “Saved by DeBell.

  1. HottCheesE



  2. baltimore dawg

    wonder if he’ll apply rule #2 (the double tap) in his blocking assignments?

    wait–i think george foster tried that one time.


  3. JC in Powder Springs

    Recruiting is one area where the CMR hotseat bs isn’t panning out. Seems the combination of a few pink slips and new D coaches have combined to reinvigorate the recruiting this year.

    I believe we’ll see this same extra effort on the field this season.


  4. Reptillicide

    Debell is a BEAST. 16 years old and he’s already massive, he’s got the frame to be Jake Long 2.0


  5. Scott

    -1 on the pun.


  6. aristoggle

    I really excited that we are finally recruiting scholars!

    This kid has done a ton of research on zombies and is developing theories at 16! Looks like he’s already identified his dissertation topic.