Monday morning buffet

Lots to sample today:


UPDATE: Chip Towers has more on the Zach DeBell situation.


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8 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Chuck

    Notre Dame moving up in The Fulmer Cup rankings is surely a sign that they are on the road back. Either that or the apocalypse. 😉


  2. kdsdawg

    One the secondary violation, so that means that the media is not allowed at a camp such as the one this commitment was given at? I don’t believe that as I have seen many pictures from many camps and they are taken by the media.


  3. 69Dawg

    I thought about the picture when it appeared but figured it was taken by his parents or somebody, not a newspaper hack. I can’t wait for the usual suspects to start screaming that UGA is a runaway program. It gets so old.


  4. ChicagoDawg

    Senator — When I first saw that pic in the AJC I thought the same thing regarding a potential violation. It may turn out that it is indeed, but I then began Googling for similar pics taken at other schools (as I had recalled seeing them) and sure enough here is CUM doing his thing at UFs ‘Friday Night Lights’….


  5. Paul

    Chip sounds kind of chippy in that link under the UPDATE.

    Then he has a picture with this subtext, “Georgia head coach Mark Richt and assistant Warren Belin talk to linebacker prospect Stephone Anthony (white shirt) of North Carolina during “Dawg Night” on Friday. (Photo by Chip Towers)”

    Yeah, way to give ’em the middle finger, Chip.


  6. Dawgfan17

    “The way (James) managed what he just did speaks volumes about who he is and whether he is a team guy — not because he left Cleveland, but the way he did it,” Saban said. “ … That’s not the kind of trust and respect you’d like to have in a team organization
    Really after the way he left Miami he wants to talk about what James did. He is one heck of a coach but that seems a bit hypocritical to me.


  7. negative ?

    What an entirely stupid name for a blog, yet again Bluto.

    Fulmer Cup Standings today 20 July 2010 :

    # 1 in the nation UGA

    # 6 in the nation Notre Dame

    Fulmer Cup Standings All-Time today 20 July 2010 :

    # 3 in the nation UGA

    # 40 in the nation Notre Dame

    This is because just this year alone, twice little girls have been attacked by now former UGA Bulldogs Top 10 recruits at their position. We also have multiple DUI arrests.

    Notre Dame is NOT worse than UGA.


    Good try Bluto.