Anticipation… is making me wait.

Tim Tucker reports on his Twitter feed that Georgia has moved the first day of fall practice back to August 2 because “formula determining permissible practice opptys not properly applied” in the schedule that had practice beginning on July 31.

No word on whether that means two-a-days are back.


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6 responses to “Anticipation… is making me wait.

  1. Prov

    Two extra days for them to be harassed by the Athens PD.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Change in practice schedule is because “formula determining permissiblepractice opptys not properly applied” in original tentative sked.

    The sum of (the areas of) the two small practice day squares must equal (the area of) the big preseason one in its entirety. Thinking the sked was a simple arithmetic problem, not something complicated like geometry, they had the formula, a = b + c.

    Then some underachieving walk-on, who until now had previously known for keeping things to himself, staying out of alleys and keeping his driver’s license current, reminded them that in algebraic terms, the formula is a² + b² = c² where c is the hypotenuse (permissible practice opptys) while a and b are the legs of the triangle (the junction of which is that if no two-a-days, how many days are there).

    In gratitude for not taking on yet another incoming secondary violation, the Athletic Department took a picture of the walk-on with the coaching staff en banc (except for Searles who split as soon as they told them all to get together for a photo op) and put in an app to have an academic scholarship awarded to the walk-on.


  3. HVL Dawg

    So when are they going to eat watermelon?