Is Lane Kiffin on the hot seat now?

I mean, that’s the way these moves roll in Athens, right?


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  1. Trojan in Athens

    Phew, it’s about time we got rid of Garrett. Props to the new prez for giving back the Heisman too – here’s to hoping they’ll right the ship completely.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    1) Well, yeah, as stupid as the Richt-Hot-Seat meme is, and as laughable as the idea that our AD situation having any impact on Richt’s status is, yeah, I’d say this puts Kiffin on the hot seat at USC. Not so much because of the new AD, but the fact that this new president appears to be pretty interested in doing things the right way, judging by his decision to return Reggie’s Heisman. Do I think that Kiffin can toe the line while also succeeding enough to keep a job like USC? No, I do not.

    2) This guy’s called the USC President-Elect? USC elects their presidents? Can we PLEASE set up a presidential election for UGA? If there’s no voting, I think it would make more sense to call this dude the “incoming president”.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    left out a word… it should have said “the idea that our AD situation IS having any impact on Richt’s status”. I regret any inconvenience caused by my inability to type.


  4. Regular Guy

    As poorly as he has performed and tarnished the reputation of his school, shouldn’t Garrett have to give back his Heisman too?


  5. 81Dog

    That strikes me as being a fairly inspired hire. Pat Haden is a very smart guy (Rhodes Scholar), he has impeccable USC credentials, and I think he was very successful as an attorney managing some kind of huge venture capital fund in Los Angeles, where he was a partner with the former mayor of LA. If he can handle all that, I would think he has a pretty good skill set to handle the USC athletic department.

    He also strikes me as being the polar opposite of a jackass, which leads me to suspect Lane Kiffin is either going to have to change his act, or go undefeated for the next few years, should he care to hold onto his job.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Agreed. I do not see Pat Haden putting up with Kiffin’s BS, nor will the incoming President of USC. I also do not see Kiffin changing. Look for a bad season next year and the year after, followed by a departure by Lamer.


  6. Lane Kiffin

    This is all part of the plan.

    I told my team that as long as I was HC at USC we would not house a trophy for a player that had besmirched the image of our proud institution.


  7. Chadwick

    Kiffen is going to be on thin ice with this guy. Haden isn’t a grins and giggles bullshitter like Garrent and Carroll were. He’ll realize the tenuous situation USC finds itself in with NCAA compliance and it’ll be easy to connect the dots to Jr and Diddy if they leave any more probation worthy rabbit pellets on the floor.

    Kiffen and Orgeron are probably headed to a plastic surgeon to get a heavy duty YKK zippers attached to the gaping maws that are their mouths.

    This will be good.


    • Mike

      My guess is that this is a two year relationship and then the Laner as the Head Ball Coach experiment gets put to rest.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      I imagine USC’s attornies spoke with the ncaa over the past few weeks, and found out squirming out of all the penalties wasn’t going to happen. The only way to mitigate the situation was to clean house. They’ll throw whomever they have to under the bus now. And yes, Kiffin is screwed in this new squeeky clean climate.


  8. Doug

    Remember when we were all trying to divine motives for why USC would’ve spread false stories about Florida, Bama, etc. illegally contacting one of their commits? What if it was all part of a plan to hasten Garrett’s exit (and maybe Kiffin’s)?

    Consider: Booster is fed up with Garrett, plants story knowing Garrett (and Kiffin) will run with it, Garrett shoots his mouth off, looks like an idiot, gets shunted off into retirement, and now a new AD (who owes Kiffin no particular loyalty) is coming in to clean up the shop?

    Probably too complicated to be real, but put it this way — if the public image of your beloved football program was being dragged down by those two guys, and you sensed the whole thing was a sinking ship, wouldn’t you try some kind of Hail Mary to get them out?


    • Reptillicide

      Garrett cooked his own goose by responding to the NCAA sanctions with arrogance and denial. Those idiotic comments that he read between the lines and “saw a lot of envy and jealousy” sounded like something a 17 year old student paper writer would say… not an AD at a major institution. I’ll bet the decision to fire Garrett was made the day the sanctions were announced.


  9. 69Dawg

    The Laner has to be in a state of shock. He and the Big O are the only guys left standing from the Bush situation. If I’m Kiffin I’m giving the Big O his marching orders to start looking for other employment. We know how loyal Lane is (that of course is a joke), just ask his brother-in-law. When the President sends the trophy back and hires a squeaky clean AD Lanes days are numbered unless he can control his urge to illegally recruit every player in the USA.