Pay to play, continued.

Proving that there’s nothing new under the sun, check out this passage from a post at The Bylaw Blog:

While there has been a lot of talk that the NCAA is finally getting serious about agent activity on campus, this has been identified as a serious problem for a long time:

“What both of these issues have in common is that they both have a long history of being a crisis,” [former Georgia AD Vince Dooley] said. “They are both so critical, and there are those who say that if they are not properly addressed, they could bring down intercollegiate athletics this time.”

At the time, NACDA proposed a series of solutions that sound very familiar: allowing institutions to loan money to student-athletes, eliminating the July recruiting periods, eliminating summer camps, and better education. NACDA also had statistical evidence that up to 75% of student-athletes had accepted benefits from an agent, and there were over 70 registered agents for every student-athlete that signed a contract each year. When did this flash of insight hit? June of 1996.


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  1. Prosticutor

    Not licensed in Florida, and don’t really have the energy to research it tonight, but I’ve been wondering if there is the possibility of a conspiracy charge–2 actors (agent and player) and some of that “knowing or should have known” language thrown in.

    Obviously this would have been used many times over if it was available given how many times this apparently happens, but it sure would cut that crap out if either party knew they might spend a few nights in jail.