Tuesday morning buffet

We’re on the cusp of SEC Media Days, so eat.

  • Speaking of which, this is a good list of, you know, football questions.
  • More signs of fiscal reality at Fresno State:  Pat Hill signs a contract extension with a pay cut.
  • What Mike Bobo does with his summer.
  • Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog reminds us how lucky we are“Yes, there really is not limit to the damage that the BCS Lovers can do to our country if they get their hands on things, but then All Americans should count themselves lucky that the BCS Lovers have such a small amount of influence on American society.” Believe it or not, that has something to do with Bobby Johnson’s retirement.
  • Roll Bama Roll takes a look at SEC 2009 Pythagorean Wins.  It doesn’t flatter Georgia.
  • On the topic of flattering Georgia, Andrea ’64’ Adelson is taking her keen football insight to ESPN.
  • The Arizona Secretary of State has asked the state’s Attorney General to investigate allegations that Fiesta Bowl employees made illegal campaign contributions.  Given the breathless reaction at PlayoffPAC.com, I guess this is supposed to be bad news for the BCS, but I’m not sure why.
  • In case you’re interested, ACC Sports Journal has a four-part (!) interview with Paul Johnson.  Here’s the first installment.
  • One thing going into this season that puzzles me almost as much as the faith a lot of people have that Arkansas’ defense is going to improve significantly is the assumption that John Brantley is going to have a superlative season.  It’s not so much that I question his talent (or Florida’s potential), it’s that the receiving corps is a huge question mark:

Most of these guys were highly recruited prep stars, but none has done much at the college level. The projected go-to guy is junior Deonte Thompson, who is the only returning receiver who had more than 14 receptions last season. Thompson has 42 career catches, and if he doesn’t catch at least 50 this season, the Gators could be in trouble. The other wide receivers and tight end on the roster have 24 career catches — 24. That does not include Chris Rainey, who has moved from backup running back to (likely) starter at slot receiver; Rainey has 13 career receptions out of the backfield. There are high hopes for sophomore Omarius Hines, who might be the most physical receiver on the roster, and redshirt freshman Andre Debose, a mega-recruit who missed last season after hamstring surgery. Florida also could use a tight end to step up. One problem: There are four on the roster and each is a freshman (two redshirts and two true). The projected starter is Jordan Reed, a redshirt who was a high school quarterback.


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21 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Sky_Dawg

    When it comes to time-scale statistical analysis I love the words could, should, and would.

    “Based on Pythagorean Wins, UGA should have been a 4-4 team and by finishing with a 6-2 record were one of the biggest overachiever of the decade.”

    So we’re either the worst-best team, or the best-worst team….either way, I bet the most significant variable is/was Slick Willie. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  2. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Andrea Adelson has become the Lane Kiffin of college football journalism.


  3. JC in Powder Springs

    Never heard of the bubbleheaded Adelson until the ’64’ rating. Still haven’t seen her. I’m guessing she must look okay or wwl wouldn’t hire her, although it is a blogger position and not in front of a camera.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Are you freaking kidding me, ESPN.com?! First, you just destroyed every last bit of your credibility by calling “64” one of the nation’s “leading voices” on college football. And then to freaking HIRE her? What a joke. I’m going to be reading the WWL’s site a LOT less. Which is saying something.

    On a related note, my blood pressure probably doesn’t need to be driven up any higher. Anything in that Paul Johnson article that we need to know? Or can I skip it?


    • It doesn’t make him any more lovable, if that’s what you’re asking. No Georgia shots, although he gets in a nice one about the Chanster. And this is interesting:

      … Most teams have some form of an option package, either zone or speed option. Certainly, they don’t run it as much as we do, but 90 percent of teams have some option in their packages. It’s been that way for a while. Everything goes in cycles. I think it all comes down to execution anyway. I think what scheme you run is way overblown.


  5. hassan

    Oh wait, I get it. I have been interpreting ESPN all wrong. I thought Corso and May were just making bad picks. With the addition of Adelson, it’s all clear now. They are following the Leonard’s Losers format right?


  6. The Realist

    Adelson will fit right in with the rest of ESPN.com’s motley crew of bloggers. After all, they do employ Heather Dinich who couldn’t analyze her way out of a paper bag.

    I feel like the coaches hot seat blog is spam. It’s just a bunch of mindless drivel from Joe that may or may not relate to what was in the previous sentence… like he is just writing free-form whatever comes to mind in a given moment. I think ESPN may wish to employ Joe at some point in the near future.


    • The Realist

      I have to wonder if Mark Schlabach ever sits back in a staff meeting and wonders why he calls some of these clowns peers.


  7. ConnGator

    Aristotle was still alive in 1045? Wow, that’s clean living since he was born around 380 BC. Or does the “like” cover 1200+ years?

    Personally, I think Florida is three players from a special season: WR, DE, and CB. If one guy from each of those three spots can step up then the sky is the limit.

    More realistically, 10-2 is the limit this year with a loss to Bama and Georgia, LSU, or FSU.


    • Why is there so much conventional wisdom that FSU has a good chance to beat the Gators? The Noles’ defense last year made Georgia’s look like the ’85 Bears. I know they’ve changed DCs, but they’ve got a long way to go.

      I think you’re right about the 10-2, BTW. As long as one of the losses isn’t in Jax, UF will be back in Atlanta.


      • Ugalaw

        I don’t think any conventional wisdom says that. However, looking for potential losses, FSU, with their offense is one of them. Their defense will certainly need to turn it around, but if they could simply get back to average, they have a chance for a special season. FSU has talent on D, and moving to a more zone heavy D will hopefully open up some opportunities for take sways and stops. I think FSU’s D is in about the same situation as UGA’s D this season. Simply getting back to respectable and serviceable is the goal this year. Finish somewhere in the 40-60 range and their offense should be able to win most games for them.

        But, to say they are the favorites against UF is a bit of a mischaracterization. This coming from an FSU fan.


        • I think FSU’s D is in about the same situation as UGA’s D this season. Simply getting back to respectable and serviceable is the goal this year. Finish somewhere in the 40-60 range and their offense should be able to win most games for them.

          Georgia finished 38th in total defense last year. FSU finished 108th.

          So what you’re saying is that FSU is trying to get back into a range that Georgia had already surpassed.


        • dboy

          “FSU has talent on D, and moving to a more zone heavy D will hopefully open up some opportunities for take sways and stops.”

          You mean like UGA’s D last year???


          • dboy

            a risky plan. although, i agree with p. johnson quote by the senator… its about execution. I would add having high level athletes + execution.


    • The Realist

      Florida’s secondary is stout with Will Hill and Ahmad Black at safety and Janoris Jenkins at one corner. If they get another star in that secondary, I think my head will explode.

      I think Deonte Thompson will be good. What you really need is a complement to Thompson like Debose. If he stays healthy and produces, that offense will be mighty tough.

      Florida’s front seven is arguably the weakest link. You’re right about the need at DE, but they need someone(s) to fill in some big shoes at LB as well.


  8. Ugalaw


    UGA finished 38th but it sure didn’t feel like it. Living in Athens and attending most home games this past season, it felt VERY similar to FSU’s games. There were a lot of disgruntled fans with the defense last year demonstrated no more clearly than with the replacement of almost the entire defensive side of the ball staff.

    But, yes, I would take 38th and run withitthis year at FSU. And since you didn’t comment on the rest of my response, can I assume you agree with the common thinking in regards to FSU’s chances against the turds this year?