Head Coaching Made Simple, by Erk Russell.

Good story from Paul Johnson:

That being said, you did turn over the play-calling to an assistant when you got your first head coaching job at Georgia Southern. What made you change your mind?

It happened for two games. What happened was, when I took the head coaching job, Coach (Erk) Russell came up to me one day in practice when I was walking around, checking everything out. He goes, “What in the hell are you doing?” I said, “Walking around, being the head coach.” He goes, “Boy, get your ass over there and coach those quarterbacks and call the plays. That’s what your good at, that’s what got you this job, that’s what separates you from everybody else.” He said, “Do what you can do to help the team. That’s what can help the team.” I was like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” But I got to thinking about it.

That’s probably the last time anybody talked to Johnson like that.  At least that he listened to…


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Note that he ignored the advice of the man who built the program he was coaching for “two games”. That’s right, the jackass was a brand-new head coach, and the man who coordinated a national champion defense at Georgia and then built the Georgia Southern program from scratch into a national champion came to give him advice, and Paul Johnson’s natural inclination was to ignore him.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the man’s arrogance will be his undoing. I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      I’ll actually defend Johnson on this one. A key component that most successful coaches share is pride/self-belief. It says more about him that he came back around than it does that he didn’t do so immediately.


  2. Jake

    Great observation about Johnson’s arrogance. Ignore the advice of a winner. Brilliant.


  3. 69Dawg

    At least PJ only ignored it for two games. If you look at it from a UGA point of view our HC was trying to do the same thing coach QB’s and call plays and the fans were all over him for it. We rejoiced when he named an OC. Well it looks like CMR maybe going back to watching the QB’s and OC this year since he has another hard a$$ DC to take control. So maybe we should let the man dance with what brung him.


  4. negative ?

    Coach Richt made promises to us 20 December 2000.

    He has exactly done what you criticize Paul Johnson for saying here in this blog.


  5. Erk Russel … I wish Auburn had hired him instead of Barfield in 1976


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