Phil Steele thinks Georgia is doomed in 2010.

Based on this interview, he’s obviously not getting the hot seat memos.

If what he says starting at about the 7:00 minute mark doesn’t get you pumped up for this season, I don’t know what will.


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7 responses to “Phil Steele thinks Georgia is doomed in 2010.

  1. baltimore dawg

    i’d be interested to know how effective last year’s d was when they had a long field to work with. was the turnover margin as devastating to points allowed as one might assume at first? i guess i had vaguely pondered this before, and my general impression of last season (without bothering to check stats) was that the d couldn’t get off the field on third down any better than they could force field goals in short-field situations.

    but, yeah, i think steele conveys the feeling that a lot of us have: even with new coaches and a new scheme, you shouldn’t have to move the needle very much at all to realize substantial gains on the d next season.


  2. Macallanlover

    My respect for Phil Steele’s ability as an analyst grows each time I listen to him. He is very grounded with all his comments backed with facts.

    One thing I feel he, and all others, overlook in defending the “Murray surrounded by a solid cast of ten returning starters” (albeit a huge point) is the raw talent he brings to the position. Murray was the #2 rated HS QB in the country and won the MVP at the Elite 11 camp. PS noted that Murray is a significant talent upgrade from Cox, but once he gets some experience we could see Murray be the difference maker by mi-season as we hit the UF/Auburn stretch.

    Along that same line, while the SEC may look weak at QB from an experience standpoint going into the season, Murray, Newton, and Brantley all have strong upside. When added to the Mallet, McElroy, and Garcia group the SEC talent level at QB may not be as much a mismatch with other conferences as currently believed.


  3. We have read enough about breaking in a new QB. how much STARTING experience did Cox have? Murray should be a significant upgrade, especially with each game played. Look at what he has to work with, 155 starts on the O-Line, 4 tight ends, 2 stud running backs, 2 more than capable fullbacks and AJ to throw to. Where is the optimist here? You want to worry about the defense because we are changing coaches and scehemes? As I see it anything would be an upgrade from the disasterD from the Willie era.


  4. negative ?


    Phil Steele PICKED UGA # 19

    this season.

    The SAME as we have been the last 4 years # 19 in won loss record at 38-14.

    # 11 Program All-Time in 1-A wins and we are # 19 the last 4 years


    # 19 in 2010 according to Phil Steele

    NOW, what LIES are you trying to say today Bluto ?


  5. ugafish

    Negative, if you want to trash UGA, at least get the facts right: UGA is #15 over the past 4 seasons.


    • Macallanlover

      “If”? What other agenda could there be for some one so dedicated to spreading his misery all over everyone else? Sad case, I wonder if he really likes any other team. So much of his energy spent tearing down the UGA program, maybe there is nothing left. Bitter, angry man.