Steele and the coaches: All-SEC Preseason lists

I’m definitely in the school that appearing on an All-SEC list after the season ends is a helluva lot more relevant than showing up on a preseason list, but I thought it might be fun to compare Phil Steele’s preseason All-SEC player list with that of the coaches (or, more accurately, the coaches’ administrative assistants).

Keep in mind, the methodologies of the two differ.  Steele breaks the lines and the defensive backfield down by position; the coaches don’t.  Steele recognizes the prevalence of offenses deploying three wide receivers and defenses playing 3-4, which means that his teams have twelve slots to the coaches’ eleven.  And, of course, the coaches recognize ties, which Steele won’t have.

Anyway, here’s how they look:

QB Mallett Mallett McElroy McElroy
RB Locke Locke Demps Ealey
RB Ingram Ingram Richardson Fannin
WR Green Green Jeffrey Tolliver
WR Jones D. Adams D. Adams J. Adams
WR Jones Cobb
TE Williams Williams Stocker Stocker
OL Pouncey Pouncey Barkesdale Ben Jones
OL Jones Jones Glenn Hines
OL Johnson Johnson Sherrod Glenn
OL Boling Boling Glenn Carpenter
OL Ziemba Ziemba Carpenter Sherrod
OL Pugh
PR Norman Cobb Rainey Gilmore
KR Locke Boykin Boykin Norman
DL Matthews Matthews Ajiboye Lockett
DL Powe Powe Walker Chapman
DL Dareus Dareus Evans Hunter
DL Nevis Nevis McPhee
DL McPhee
LB Bynes Houston Wright Marve
LB Sheppard Sheppard Stevens Franklin
LB Hightower Hightower Jones Bynes
LB Marve Stevens Franklin Cornell
DB Peterson Peterson Thorpe Thorpe
DB Barron Barron Hill Jenkins
DB Gilmore Gilmore Culliver Black
DB Jenkins Hill Black Jackson
K Walsh Walsh Sturgis Sturgis
P Butler Butler Henry Henry

There’s a pretty fair amount of consistency between the two, but a few choices stand out.  I don’t get the coaches picking Demps second team; either of Steele’s second team picks seem better choices.  (It’s interesting how the coaches have bought into the Alabama running backs, omigawd! narrative, too.)  On the other hand, the coaches get Jeffrey right.  The two biggest questions for me are on defense:  how do the coaches leave Lockett and Houston off?

What do y’all think?


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11 responses to “Steele and the coaches: All-SEC Preseason lists

  1. I’m having a hard time understanding why Mario Fannin is a better second team choice in your mind than Demps. I know Auburn fans are real high on the “This is really the year he actually plays like we’ve been saying he would play for the past three seasons” narrative, but I don’t understand why a Georgia fan is buying into it. Demps at least has the numbers to back him up. Statistically, Fannin has actually gotten worse each year.


    • You may be right. I just think Fannin’s more versatile. I also wonder how Demps does in a post-Tebow offense. Plus, he’s pretty useless as a receiver.

      BTW, Fannin’s numbers aren’t worse each year if you include his receiving stats, which I think are relevant because of the way he was deployed last season.


      • Fannin may be more versatile, but to date he has not been more productive. I do understand including his receiving numbers and it was short-sighted of me not to consider them, but even so, his stats don’t hold up. In total yards and scores from scrimmage, Fannin not only trails Demps (who scored more than twice as many TDs as Fannin), but there is something far more damning. Fannin trails another returning RB on his own team. Despite fighting injury and missing two full games and most of another, McCalebb outgained and outscored Fannin.
        Just from my personal observation, Fannin is a good receiver for a running back, and he’s a good running back for a receiver, but he’s not excellent at either.


  2. Beau

    Kicker A’s stats for 2009:
    FGM: 22
    FGA: 30
    XPM: 44
    XPA: 47

    Kicker B’s stats for 2009:
    FGM: 15
    FGA: 16
    XPM: 54
    XPA: 54

    Who’s better? Kicker A is Sturgis, Kicker B is Wes Byrum. Why is Byrum not getting any love?


  3. UFTimmy

    Call me a homer, but I expect big things out of Demps. His carries should go way up and he has a career average of 7.5 ypc. The big question I guess is how much having Tebow back there helped his game, and if Brantley can do enough (different things, of course) to loosen up some lanes for him.

    That doesn’t mean he’s second team worthy, but I think Demps has proven he’s a good running back.

    Now if only he could learn how to catch the swing pass.. hands of stone.


  4. Bryant Denny

    C’mon. You gotta show Ingram/Richardson the love.

    I can agree that most sports writers simply follow the pack, but this is not that much of a stretch.

    Bama’s O-plan last year was to pound the rock and these two guys were key to that.

    Have a good one,



  5. Phocion

    Because Alabama’s running backs really are ‘owmigawd’!


  6. Sanford222View

    I posed the same question about Houston yesterday on Twitter. Isn’t Houston the statistical leader in sacks last year that is returning? Plus he did it missing games due to suspension to start the year.