Wednesday morning buffet

Fuel up… SEC Media Days are just around the corner.

  • I’d love to hear Urban Meyer get asked that question about Clay Travis.
  • Is it just me, or have we heard Todd Grantham talk about his coaching philosophy more in the last five months than we heard Willie Martinez talk about his in the last five years?
  • Dennis Dodd has gone in to full “he’s a witch, burn him!” mode.  Southern Cal isn’t returning Bush’s Heisman Trophy because he was clueless, but because he made himself an ineligible player for the season in which he earned it.
  • If the NCAA really wants to get serious about cracking down on agents, Darren Rovell has some suggestions.
  • It’s embarrassing how far in the bag the Gator media is for the Florida program.  How embarrassing?  This embarrassing“Is it a coincidence that all this news is breaking right before SEC Media Days? Not a chance. Someone is intent on either hurting the Gators, hurting the Pouncey family or both.” Oy.
  • How much was Pat Haden involved in the hiring of Lane Kiffin?
  • Here’s something on how the Internet has changed the world of football recruiting.
  • Same as it ever was:  just read the first and last sentences of this preview of South Carolina and ask yourself how many other seasons those could have been typed for.
  • The main thing I got out of Chris Low’s rankings of the SEC quarterback position is that they’re completely useless after the first two slots.
  • I don’t know about Les Miles, but it sure looks like Gary Crowton ought to be on a hot seat.  It’s almost criminal how much talent he wasted at LSU last season.


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12 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. MWO

    I’d love for a reporter to ask Corch ” was your retirement genuine or did you just feel the need to get UF some ink since the undefeated Alabama team was getting all the love during the bowl season?”


  2. Tommy

    The Gator persecution complex is so tiresome. I guess it still goes over well with new-to-the-program 18-22-year kids, particularly underprivileged minority kids, but I don’t know how anyone else as time for it.

    Oh, and Goodman is beyond stupid. It worked out for Reggie Bush? Really?

    That said, I think some of his slavishness to the Gator Talking Points Memo is him being brought to heel after going Jeremy Fowler on Corch a year or two ago.


    • Mike

      “It’s embarrassing how far in the bag the Gator media is for the Florida program. How embarrassing? This embarrassing: “Is it a coincidence that all this news is breaking right before SEC Media Days? Not a chance. Someone is intent on either hurting the Gators, hurting the Pouncey family or both.” Oy.”

      The charge was known by Florida last January. Therefore it is not a recent revelation. I think it is a legitimate question.


      • Tommy

        If I didn’t know about it, it’s news to me. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

        Whoever’s out to get Florida is apparently also out to get Alabama, UNC and South Carolina and presumably several others.

        Sorry, but this is reeks of Gator persecution complex and nothing else.


        • Mike

          Well, aren’t you the informed one then? Just a guess, but I’ll bet there might be one or two things you don’t know about, even in the world of college football.


  3. JC in Powder Springs

    I sure hope CTG is exagerating or kidding when he says ’75 different calls’. Like Vince Lombardi, I’d rather have 4 plays that are run to perfection, than 75 that are run correctly some of the time. But ya got to love his approach and enthusiasm, and the Dawgs really needed a good D coordinator.


    • 69Dawg

      I think the best part was that he sees that he needs to first establish that the D knows what the overall plan is going to be. After that he is going to install the 75 plays. Most of those are going to be the blitz calls. I think the 3-4 will end up being fairly simple to master as long as the best players are on the field. It maybe that the best players will be the smartest not the fastest.


  4. Ugalaw

    It really is amazing how much of a persecution complex UF fans have given their recent success. You would think they might have developed a little bit of a backbone in that time, but they are as insecure as ever.

    It is equally amazing how far in the bag the state of Florida’s journalists are for UF. It certainly doesn’t help that they have the only journalism school in the state. But if you live in Florida you will read some crazy stuff that makes you read it twice to make sure you aren’t hallucinating.


  5. 69Dawg

    The biggest laugh I read was some hack named Traver who actually had the balls to say that ESPN had it in for Urban and Tebow. What the heck has that guy been looking at for the last 4 years? The WWL has done everything in it’s power to elevate Tebow to Sainthood and Urban to the Hall of Fame over that period. Just because they report on the $100,000 that apparently was in the form of a future letter of credit, UF thinks they are out to get the program. The part about it just being a recruiting ploy by one of their competitors was the last gasp of an idiot.


  6. dawg1976


    big delicious Buffett 🙂 


  7. Dog in Fla

    “Crowton…on a hotseat”

    To refudiate that butt-tawk, Magic 8 Ball in the Sidepocket clarifies:

    “Any reference to what the coach is trying to get accomplished and any personal acts that a coach might wield really is a bane and a secondary agenda that I have not been able to operate with.”