“I’m like a stallion. You just let me run.”

Atlanta Magazine has entitled its August edition “The Football Issue”.  In it, you’ll find a quick interview with Herschel Walker (or simply “Herschel”, since he points out that “When they talk about me, they don’t have to say my last name.”) that’s a great read.

A few high points:

  • Georgia wasn’t his first choice, because it was where his parents wanted him to go.  He flipped a coin over the decision three times.  He pulled Georgia all three times.
  • He didn’t think Coach Dooley liked him much.
  • He says the biggest freebie he got in his time in school was a meal.
  • He flipped a coin about leaving early for the pros, too.  Only once.
  • He got a letter from Frank Sinatra about leaving for the USFL that said, “Congratulations, I think you made the right decision.”

As a bonus, there’s also a piece with Kenny Pauley, who’s UGA’s Director of athletic turf and grounds which has this story:

When Arizona State showed up, we caught one of ’em tryin’ to take a leak in the hedge.  We got him real good.  He won’t do it again.

The magazine isn’t online, so if you want to read the details, hit the newsstands.


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21 responses to ““I’m like a stallion. You just let me run.”

  1. This Guy

    As a newly-minted alumnus, I have to agree that food is a pretty awesome freebie. I paid for dinner in quarters the other night.


  2. Mike

    Which one of his personalities gave that interview?


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Arizona State people truly are the worst people on Earth.


  4. Julie

    My three roommates and I prepared a lot of those free meals his freshman year. I think he used all the sugar he stored up from the many packages of Oreos he ate to kick Florida’s ass.


  5. Dawg 95

    Hmmmm…..signed with New Jersey and got a letter of congratulations from Sinatra?

    Did somebody make Hershel an “offer that he couldn’t refuse”?