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Bianchi to Georgia fans: it’s not Richt, it’s you.

You’ve got to admit this is a different take on the hot seat meme.

(h/t Marc Weiszer)


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Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.

Richt question: “How do you still have your job after 2 SEC Titles, a 7-2 bowl record, and 90 wins? Is it a miracle that you’re employed?”

— Spencer Hall’s Twitter feed

I’m not sure why Jeff Schultz thinks Mark Richt signed up for the level of responsibility Schultz assigns to him in this post, but Hall’s sarcasm strikes me as the proper rebuttal to that.

But here’s the real point

It’s going to be tough to beat Richt who is simply flat-out likeable.  If Georgia ever does run him off — and I’m not saying the school will — Richt would be employed somewhere else in a heartbeat.

If Adams decided to can Mark Richt, how long do you think it would take another major program to grab him?  Does that strike you as an attribute for somebody whose reputation has been irretrievably tarnished by the events of the past few months?



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It’s the defense, stupid.

If in 2010 John Brantley manages to lead Florida to the promised land – another top five finish – as a first year starter (or Aaron Murray does so, if you want to dream, Georgia fans), he likely won’t be the main reason that comes to pass.


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A. J. Green is like a bridge over troubled waters…

there to ease Aaron Murray’s mind:

“You know, with me being a veteran and helping Aaron out, I believe I can instill that confidence level that he needs to throw the ball and just to know that he has that primary receiver out there,” Green said. “Whenever he’s in trouble, he can just throw it. It doesn’t have to be a great ball, it can be whatever, and I can make a play on it.”

There’s a fine line between confidence and cocky ego.  A. J. is on the right side of it.


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Paul Johnson doesn’t do nuance well.

The feisty Georgia Tech coach thinks his remarks about punching Georgia fans in the face were taken out of context.

You’ve had some run-ins with the Atlanta media in the last two years. Can you talk about the incident that led to the “Johnson says smack them in the mouth” headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that caused such a stir following the Georgia game last fall?

The paper sensationalized the whole conversation. We’re getting ready to play Clemson the next week (in the ACC title game). I’m trying to move on. The guy on the radio won’t let me move on.

And finally he gets to it and says, “What do you say to the Tech fans who have to hear about Georgia all year long?” I said, “You know what, they probably gave it to them a year ago, so turnaround is fair play. They have to take it for a year. Move on.” And he follows up, “What if they just won’t stop? What if they keep going on and on?” I said, “Well, if you’ve heard it enough, and you tell them you’ve heard it enough, and they still won’t hush, you turn around and smack them in the mouth.” That was the whole conversation. They left out the first part. The headline says, “Johnson says smack them in the mouth.”

It’s the Popeye defense:  “that’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” A DragonCon fan can only take so much, you know.


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“But as we all know, SEC coaches are at the top of the food chain when it comes to character and ethics.”

If you analogize Nick Saban’s “pimp” rant to an alarm clock, pro agents hit the snooze bar, yawned and rolled back over to get a few more minutes sleep.

Meanwhile, somebody in the media thought it was relevant to get Bobby Petrino’s impression of what the NFL could do about the situation.

… Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino, a former Atlanta Falcons coach, said it was “wishful thinking” that the players association and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can solve the problem for the college ranks.

“We have to worry about what we can control, our education, our continuing to work on the decision making, the understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong, not try to think that somebody else is going to handle it for us,” Petrino said.

And if that doesn’t work, Petrino went on to say, one could always bail.

Okay, he didn’t actually say that.  But seriously, Bobby Petrino on the NFL?  He wasn’t there long enough to learn the commissioner’s name, was he?


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