A. J. Green is like a bridge over troubled waters…

there to ease Aaron Murray’s mind:

“You know, with me being a veteran and helping Aaron out, I believe I can instill that confidence level that he needs to throw the ball and just to know that he has that primary receiver out there,” Green said. “Whenever he’s in trouble, he can just throw it. It doesn’t have to be a great ball, it can be whatever, and I can make a play on it.”

There’s a fine line between confidence and cocky ego.  A. J. is on the right side of it.



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9 responses to “A. J. Green is like a bridge over troubled waters…

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Just throw the damn ball within 20 yds of A.J.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    AJ’s on the right side of it, but I do wish he hadn’t loaded up the South Carolina bulletin board while on the Media Days podium.


  3. benjamin

    He needs to wrap those ribs up!


  4. S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    he said that he hopes we take the USC game..he said it’s a big one every year, but when his boys back home talk trash he can say he’s 2-0….that’s it. he didn’t give them any material i don’t think…


  5. dean

    Could just be me but AJ looks a lot like Chris Tucker in that picture?


  6. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Could just be me but Aaron Murray reminded me alot of Joe Cox in the G-Day game.


  7. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Could just be me but Mark Richt looks alot like Helen Hunt.


    • Vinings Dog

      Seriously, who ARE you? I truly do not think you are a fan of UGA football. I am trying to imagine what it must be that motivates you.

      You could be a 20 year old Tech student, or, you could be Jim Donnan…….


  8. Cojones

    You’re on the trail Vinings Dog. Everyone knows that Joe Cox looked better.