Bianchi to Georgia fans: it’s not Richt, it’s you.

You’ve got to admit this is a different take on the hot seat meme.

(h/t Marc Weiszer)


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  1. X-Dawg

    What a tool.


  2. Dooley's Wig

    modern era = since Florida even mattered???


  3. kevin

    So yeah, if you take away a programs best 2 players and their luckiest win of the year then it’s possible you can rule out about 25 of the last 30 champions.

    That’s why they play the game. That’s why people recruit play makers. And that’s why coaches always say that even making it to the MNC involves a little bit of luck.


    • Will (the other one)

      Take away Tebow and a blocked FG against South Carolina and we could talk about how Urban Meyer was on the hot seat for not delivering at Florida.


      • Silver Creek Dawg



      • Mike

        Yea, Urban has not won a title since 2006…wait..what?


        • Dawgwalker07

          That’s why you take tebow away too.


          • Mike

            Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how was your trip to Dallas?


            • Xon

              Now, Mike, you can either follow a discussion or you can’t. This thread is a response to Bianchi’s stupid argument, which reasons that some of Georgia’s finest moments are taken away if you remove a little luck and one incredibly talented player. That reasoning applies to Florida, too. If you don’t like the form of reasoning, then join the club and go leave a comment on the Orlando Sentinel blog and show that some Gator fans do understand basic logic.

              Just a suggestion…


  4. Irishdawg

    What an insufferable douchepool that guy is. UF doesn’t win half the games they have the last 3 years without Tebow, so spare me the “single player” argument. And Florida never had a 10 win season prior to Spurrier’s arrival, so who has the better tradition?

    You want to argue Georgia is an overrated program, then make it with solid evidence. Don’t compare the program to Florida as if UF were Michigan with ugly colors.


  5. JaxDawg

    That’s pathetic for a guy that knows CFB as well as Bianchi.

    Then again, maybe he isn’t that knowledgeable.

    And you have temper this nonsense by remembering that Bianchi is a huge Gator fan.

    1980 still stings the hell outta him.


  6. Tommy

    I try not to begrudge how people feed their families. But, since Finebaum, Bradley and Bianchi seem to be indicative of the modern column writing, I say shoot this segment, hand it over to the bloggers and end the embarrassment to its forebears.

    Other than an editor who grasps punctuation, I fail to see what distinguishes their copy from message board drivel. Everyone may be entitled to an opinion, but not necessarily a paycheck.


  7. Bryant Denny

    UGA = 12 SEC conference titles and 5 divisional titles.

    USC = 0 and 0. Last won a title in 1969 (ACC).

    Um, ok. I guess the two programs are about equal.

    [It took me like 24 seconds to find that on Wikipedia. Does that mean I could be employed as a column writer by the Orlando Sentinel?]


    • Tim Rankine

      In fairness to the chickens, they were not members of any football conference for roughly 20 years between their silly move to leave the Acc and landing in the SEC. Bianchi’s job is to rile his readers, a la Bradley, get them in a snit or alternatively feed a false sense of pride.


      • Thanks for being fair. We did have a conference-championship caliber season in 1984 while not part of a conference.


        • FisheriesDawg

          You lost to Navy in 1984. That isn’t a conference-championship caliber season.

          Unless you’re talking about the Sun Belt conference, maybe.


          • 81Dog

            +1, sir.


          • You lost to us in your last “great season.” Don’t forget it. Not that you’ll need a reminder this fall.


            • And BTW, we may have lost to Navy that year, but we also beat an SEC-caliber schedule full of top-ranked teams. South Carolina may be a lost of mockable things, but we have never played a Sun Belt schedule. Look up who we beat in ’84. Look up who we play year in and year out. Our willingness to only gauge our abilities against the best has never changed. We may have usually failed, but we’ve never taken the easy way out.

              Oh, yeah. I think we beat UGA that year, too.


      • Bryant Denny

        I’m not sure that helps USC’s argument here. 🙂

        There’s just no comparison.


        • That’s certainly true; there isn’t. But it’s often mentioned that USC has no SEC championships, but the school has an ACC title and a 10-win season as an indy. That sounds better than no championships, right? I think the main thing I’m saying is that it’s not fair to negatively compare us to Miss. St. and Kentucky just b/c they won one years ago. We haven’t had as many tries.


  8. BeerMoney

    And in writing this I guess it might be a little inconvenient to point out the 10-15 lucky breaks that went Florida’s way in 2006 en route to a championship.

    Or the fact that LSU had A LOT of luck en route tot heir championship the following year (avaoiding UGA in the SECCG being among the biggest).

    We could go on and on, but to win championships, you very rarely see teams like 1995 Nebraska who demolish everything in sight. Now that was a championship team.

    And the part about UGA=S. Carolina is just awesome!


  9. Mr. Tu

    Someone regale me with the story of UF’s undefeated season, please.

    Besides, if the thinks the UF game was flukey, what would he say about the UT game or the Clemson game that year. Flukey plays and lucky plays are part of the game, but Belue to Scott was not lucky or flukey, imo


    • Puffdawg

      Seriously, what is fluky about completing a 12 yard pass and outrunning the other team? That play might’ve been considered fluky before the advent of the forward pass, but as it stands I don’t think his comment is even remotely rational.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    How many national titles would Florida have if not for the lightning-in-a-bottle intersection of Timmy Tebow and the Gators? ONE. And I don’t give a damn that Chris Leak played more snaps in 2006. We all know who made the difference on that football team, it was jump-pass Teabags.


    • FisheriesDawg

      I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. If it isn’t, rest assured that Florida would have won the national title that year whether they had Timmy or not. Reggie Nelson (along with the rest of that defense) was the reason they won, and Leak did a good enough job not to screw it up.

      Remember, Tebow did everything he could to try to hand an overmatched UGA team the win in 2006.


      • kckd

        I don’t think you can say for sure they would have won. Tebow wasn’t as big a part of that offense, but he bailed them out in a quite a few close games that year on third and fourth and short.

        That’s a down that their offense struggled to convert the year before.


  11. hassan

    The Whorelando Sentinel has a gator for a pimp.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Mike’s just trying to get out of Section 37 F but he still needs to get a haircut and get a real job.


  13. UFTimmy

    Please don’t insult Gator fans by lumping him is a Gator homer.

    His entire job is to get people to talk about what he writes, which he does very well. He’s a disgrace to “journalism”, if you can even identify that’s what he does on a day to day basis.

    He takes his shots wherever he can. He’s just a bad.


    • RusDawg

      I have got to give you credit for this comment. That blog post is a disgrace. Everyone and their mother can admit that Florida has been the better team over the past 20 years…but to make the argument Bianchi is making is insane.

      How many National Championships does Ohio State have over the same time period Bianchi? How about Texas? How about Penn State? How about Michigan?

      Complete Hack.


  14. aristoggle

    meh … can you say “homer?”

    (Realizing I’m living in a glass house when I cast that stone … we have our share.)


  15. The Realist

    When I asked Richt Thursday at SEC Media Days if he was disturbed about being on the imaginary hotseat, he replied, “I understand the business. I understand that this is how things go. I don’t worry about it. My goal is to focus on the important things — the things I can control.”

    Funny. I remember media members being the ones creating this idea of a hot seat, not the fans. And, now media members are even blaming the fans for a shitstorm they, themselves, created. Every article written about 2010 Georgia has mentioned Richt on the hot seat. They’ve written it so many times that they have started believing their own bullshit, and need to find a scapegoat to pawn off their silly little meme (or canard if you’d rather) so they don’t look like the morons they are for creating it in the first place.

    There are zero Georgia people who matter that believe Richt’s job is in the slightest little bit of jeopardy after this year.

    And, if Georgia without Herschel is South Carolina, then what is Florida without Steve Spurrier? A 1-AA program?


    • Cynical in Athens

      I think the real question is what would UF be without Gatorade.

      There is a direct correlation between UF’s athletic and academic rise to prominence and the launching of the “Be Like Mike” Gatorade campaign in 1991.

      It was quite a confluence of events, but Spurrier’s arrival was timed almost exactly with Michael Jordan’s becoming the greatest pitchman in history, thus 90% of UF’s success in everything can be attributed to one lucky sports drink. Wonder when Bianchi will write that article.


      • The Realist

        Really, I meant if Spurrier had never gone to Florida back in the 60’s. They wouldn’t have him as a Heisman Trophy winner. They likely wouldn’t have drawn him there in 1990 eliminating the begin of their relevance. So, theoretically they would have 0 Heismans, 0 SEC titles, and might still be largely irrelevant? South Carolina, indeed.


  16. Cynical in Athens

    That was some funny shit.

    Again, the “traditional” media regales us with all of the reasons that their market share is consistently eroding to “amateur bloggers.”

    That may-as-well have been written by a 12 year old kid whose team just lost a baseball game. It is so ridiculously silly that there should be nobody reading it. I hate that the Senator linked to it, because that will give the article thousands of additional hits and will probably leave a string of comments on this thread about 100 deep.


  17. Bianchi is Jeff Schultz with a “wax and shine”.


  18. MWO

    In the same amount of time Mark Richt has been at UGA, Nick Saban and Corch Meyer have each had 3 head coaching positions. When I need to hire someone where I work, stability is one of the assets I value most.


  19. Dawg19

    So, Jarvis Moss blocking a last-second FG at home against South Carolina in 2006 to save the game, wasn’t fluky?



  20. JoeE

    “But that’s hard to do at Georgia, where the fans expect the Bulldogs to compete for national championships every season even though they’ve only won one in modern history.”

    Does any Dawg fan expect this? Seriously?


    • SCDawg

      I’m not sure how to answer that. Since 2002, I have expected us to compete for the SEC East every year, except for maybe in 2006.

      You win the East, you have a shot at the MNC. But, no, if I’m ranking teams I don’t rank us 1 or 2 every year.


    • carpie

      Uhh, yeah! 🙂 If they are not competing for the SEC title and the MNC what’s the point? Now whether I expect them to win either is another point, but I expect them to set their sights that high whether it’s realistic or not.


  21. ChuckWDawg

    What this clown and anyone else who criticizes Georgia fans for putting Richt on the hot seat doesn’t get is that real Georgia fans will tell you he’s not on the hot seat. That illusion has been almost entirely contrived and promoted by the media and mindless bloggers. Grow up Bianchi.


  22. As someone that has always thought one of the reasons UGA fans love to hate on USC is that they hate the fact that their program is closer to USC’s than Florida’s nowadays, I got a little chuckle out of this one. But as an honest outsider, this guy is more than a little silly. Doesn’t UGA still lead the UGA-UF series? And the USC comparison, as much as I hate to say it, is non-sensical. UGA probably averages more 10-win seasons every half-decade than USC has had in its entire history.

    The one thing that I did find fairly convincing about this article is that anyone that thinks Richt should be on the hot seat has unrealistic expectations, but my experience is that it’s only the idiot gallery, as opposed to the mainstream fans, at UGA that want Richt out.


    • 81Dog

      Closer to S Carolina than Florida as a program? Really?

      Since Richt got there, 2 SEC titles, 1 loss in the SECC, how many top 10 finishes, 3 BCS Bowl games. Not Wooden’s UCLA basketball dynasty, but not bad.

      What’s S Carolina done in that time? Zero SEC titles. Zero SEC East titles. Zero BCS bowl games. Traded in one washed up coach for another washed up coach.

      Yeah, you sold me.


      • Look up your record over the past 20 years against Florida and then look up your record against us. You might also look up the average margin of victory in the two series. The facts will hurt.


        • BTW, not saying you guys aren’t a better program. Never said that. Just saying that the USC-UGA series has been a lot closer than most UGA fans want to admit.


          • Puffdawg

            I’m not trying to pile on here, but unless I’m mistaken, the series record is 46-14-2. With all due respect, that’s not any closer than I want to admit.


          • JaxDawg

            I have to give Gamecock some credit here. I agree that the SC-GA series has been pretty tight in terms of points. We have their # just as Florida has ours, but by a smaller margin.

            I recall it taking an incredible play by Pollack and a fluke fumble on our 5 yrd line late on the 4th to seal the win in 2002.

            I also recall another fumble late in the 4th caused by Curran in 2008 to win it for us.

            And FL has enjoyed the same type of luck against us as well. Separately, USC has played FL closer than we have many times over the past 20 as well.


          • 81Dog

            and yet, we keep kicking your asses most every year.

            The concept of the “quality loss” is greatly overrated. Is South Carolina playing us close? Most years, yes. And in most all of those years, all that means is one more loss for South Carolina.

            Beating the point spread is for degenerate gamblers. If South Carolina fans want to keep telling each other they’re “right there with UGA” every year after we win again, fine by me. Try finishing above 3rd in the East sometimes, then talk to me.


            • You completely missed the point. I never said we were “right there with UGA.” Go take some reading comprehension classes, then talk to me.


              • And I’m sorry if that was a little pointed, but it’s a bit annoying to have views ascribed to one’s self that one is not actually expressing. Especially when the original intent of my post was just to agree with what all you Dawgs fans are saying, that UGA is a great program and that Bianchi has it all wrong.


              • 81Dog

                oh, I got your point. Your point is just stupid.

                Ok, you’ve “played us close” several times the last 20 years. So? That doesn’t mean the SERIES is “a lot closer than (UGA) would like to admit.” Some of the games have been close. There, see? I can admit that freely. The series? You’ve actually BEATEN us 14 times since we had a goat for a mascot. I don’t know what counting system you use, but that doesn’t seem to qualify as “close” to me.

                thanks for the suggestion on the reading comprehension classes, but your problem with me isn’t that I don’t understand you. It’s that I understand you, and you don’t make any sense.

                Close only counts in hand grenades, sparky. We’ve been kicking your feathered asses since Teddy Roosevelt was chargin up San Juan Hill. I would have thought you’d be used to it by now.


        • I’d be the last one to say that the series hasn’t been close in the Richt era, but a comparison with Georgia’s 3-17 against UF is pretty useless. By that metric alone, Georgia is closer to 99% of the programs in the country.


          • I don’t think that’s a useless point, Senator. In fact, it was exactly the point I was trying to make. When I’m saying UGA is closer to USC than UF, one of the things I’m saying is that UGA, while a great program, isn’t elite in the same way that Florida (Zook era notwithstanding) and a small handful of other programs that can conceivably go into every season with national title aspirations are. The series record against UF and the average margin of victory in that series should demonstrate this; even in UGA’s good years, it’s still losing to Florida, oftentimes by a large margin.

            I am NOT, and this should have been clear from just about everything I’ve said here, saying that USC is a comparable program with UGA. I’m just saying there’s probably as much or more separating UF-UGA as the is separating UGA-USC, as the contrasting competitiveness of the two series suggests. And that’s something that UGA fans hate, which is why I got flamed for saying it. UGA fans, other than a select few, really begrudge giving Carolina any respect despite the fact that the series is closely contested, while they call a series with a team that regularly beats them by multiple TDs a “rivalry.” Go figure.


  23. Tommy

    Inherently, the hot seat question is as hilariously unfair and baseless as the classic “Do you still beat your wife on Sundays?” question. I’m appalled that any respected editor would tolerate his/her reporters asking it in public.

    Unless you’ve talked to the AD, or to big money donors who have demonstrable sway with the AD, on what do you base your assumption that there is any basis for the question? Hell, for all the actual reporting that’s been done on this topic, maybe Georgia likes 8-4 and twits like Bianchi, Finebaum and Bradley wouldn’t have a clue.

    Ironically, that scenario is actually closer to the truth. I remember sitting in the stands during Homecoming ’94 as a student as Vanderbilt finished us off, thinking “Surely, that’s as far as it goes with Goff.” Florida, Alabama, and Auburn have all fired coaches after similarly ignominious losses. But we gave Ray another year. Dooley averaged 8 wins for a quarter-century. Yes, that’s somewhat distant history, but those are still actual data points, as opposed to speculation and message board reading.

    I know it makes for dull copy, but this is a patient program.


  24. Mike

    Man…I never get tired of seeing that play and hearing Munson call it. Thanks for posting.


  25. Sky_Dawg

    Yeah South Carolina has our bowl/overall record. Ass….


  26. Brandon

    Georgia fan to Bianchi: It’s not us, its you. Seriously, this whole hotseat meme has been manufactured by non-UGA fans/bloggers and so called sportswriters, I don’t personally know a single Georgia fan that thinks Richt is on the hot seat and I’ve only seen about four commenters on the intertubes advocate the position in the last year plus and all of those were before he fired Martinez. I’m starting to think someone from the old Clinton administration PR team is behind this, only they could insert such a meme into the public consciousness that had its facts so back asswards.


  27. Seriously

    Okay, Bianchi is a wanker and a major Gator fan. Probably even more importantly, he’s trying to sell “newspapers” (the Orlando Slantinel is about the worst thing in print; I live in the Orlando area, so I should know) to a bunch of Gator fans. His focus on Walker – by Bianchi’s admission, probably the best NCAA player ever – and Scott’s semi-miraculous catch and run in the 1980 WLOCP are pretty stupid.

    Forget all of that for a minute. Is he wrong?

    I’ve been following UGA football most all of my life and there is one immutable fact I know about UGA fans: you guys are VERY optimistic. Seems like most every season, the rest of us hear forecasts of SEC and national championships, without much regard for your team’s weaknesses or the strengths of your opponents. I know of only one other fan base with similar optimism EVERY year: Ohio State.

    If you take away all the trash talk, it seems to me like there is some truth within Bianchi’s drivel. UGA fans have very high expectations, perhaps too high.


    • Dooley's Wig


      Then I guess we really are S. Carolina.



    • AthensHomerDawg

      “UGa fans…very optimistic” that is why they call us UGa fans. Otherwise you could call us wanker pro Florida sports writers.
      just sayin’


  28. dawg1976


    remember 4th and dumb


  29. Castleberry

    Wasn’t the Sentinal the paper that rated Georgia 64th (or so) overall?

    I’m just making some connections here.

    At least he got the fake hot seat thing right.


  30. Dawgfan17

    Since they have us rated 64th I would find it hard to believe that we will finish this season “over rated” by their standard. I mean if you go 6-6 in the SEC that is good for a top half of the country rating.


  31. Scorpio Jones, III

    I agree with the guy.

    If there is hot seat bullshit about Mark Richt it comes from US.

    And, the unfortunate truth is that, historically, compared to Bama, for instance we are a good, but not great program.

    I scratch my bald head fairly often over how the Georgia fan base has become so ravenous since Richt got there.

    On one point I think most of you miss the point,
    in the Lindsay play, the Florida defensive backs ran into each other and fell down, leaving Lindsay wide open to the end zone. They don’t run into each other and fall down, and well….

    And that, folks is luck. (it ain’t the Miracle on Duvall Street for nothing)

    What he does not note is that we, effectively, played for the national championship three years in a row, and probably would have done so a fourth if Herschel had not done what Marcel Dareus did.

    For many reasons, most of which are up to the Football Gods, that just don’t happen very often.

    Hell, that clip does not give me goosebumps….I still have them every time I close my eyes.


    • JaxDawg

      Bama has not lost a conference game (excluding SECCG) in 2 years. Can they do it for 3?

      Last team to do that?

      GA – 1980-1982.

      Neither FL nor SC can say that.


  32. First Adelson, now Bianchi.

    For a paper that seems to think UGA is an overrated irrelevance, they sure have been spending an awful lot of time, energy, and ink to tear us down.

    Just saying.