It’s the defense, stupid.

If in 2010 John Brantley manages to lead Florida to the promised land – another top five finish – as a first year starter (or Aaron Murray does so, if you want to dream, Georgia fans), he likely won’t be the main reason that comes to pass.


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  1. Reptillicide

    He won’t do it.


  2. thewhiteshark

    It is indeed — to paraphrase Erk, “If they can’t score. they can’t beat you.” Hopefully Grantham will help Georgia’s defense return to elite status. Fix that and these Dawgs will be dangerous. For all the talk of how mediocre Georgia was last year I don’t believe very many teams could have finished 8-5 under those conditions. It’s not what Dawg fans want (or what CMR wants) but a whole lot of programs would have tanked given similar circumstances. Coach Richt has shown a remarkable ability to keep the team together when things look grim. Gives me a lot of optimism for the coming years.


  3. Bill2112

    It seems people forget that the chosen one had a good college level passing game. He could run AND throw. That will be tough to replace.


    • The Realist

      Tebow was far more dangerous with the ball in his hands scrambling around. When they needed tough yards, they went third and Tebow, not third and Demps.

      If they can’t run between the tackles (not saying they can’t… they just haven’t with anyone not named Tebow), and/or find a suitable big play replacement for Aaron Hernandez, then Brantley has his work cut out for him. They should still win a bunch of games, but he’s going to have to be a mega stud to compete for titles.

      In contrast, Aaron Murray just has to manage the game (no Coxian turnovers) if the defense shows any signs of improvement.


  4. OnTap

    It’s defense and the turnovers they can create.

    That’s what the defense has been missing. Those guys need to help the offense out.

    On the other hand, the offense needs to help them out by not having middle teen interceptions at bad places on the field.


  5. negative ?

    It’s the Offense, D.A. that has COST UGA the last 4 years in a row.

    # 11 College Football Program All-Time in 1-A wins UGA

    # 19 over the last 4 years at 38-14, no SEC Championship Game

    NONE expected this season, either

    After 2010 lose 15 seniors 4-5 juniors all Starters

    47 Arrests / Suspensions since February 2007, 3 years

    1-3 vs Florida last 4 years

    1-3 vs vols last 4 years

    # 97 NCAA Average Rank in Penalties last 4 yrs

    21 fumbles a year Average every year last 4 years

    14 interceptions a year Average every year last 4 yrs

    # 3 in Fulmer Cup Standings over last 4 years too

    And, Coach Richt is NOT GREAT, not with his sorry coaching staff of the entire 9-Year Coach Richt Era.

    3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams entire Coach Richt Era

    # 5 worst SEC coach at current school vs ranked teams according to Chris Low last week

    Missed 7 SEC Championship Games, last 5 in a ROW

    Won 90 games out of possible 124

    All but 2 of the 9 years were 14-game seasons.

    Average 10 wins – if that is GREAT, I will eat my hat

    And, the problem has been and is on the Offense.

    3 years now starting 4 years ago, we have failed to prepare our QB even for the following season

    2006 lost 4 games

    2009 lost 5 games

    2010 lose how many ?

    2 ?

    38 games of the Coach Richt Era, we have scored no more than 2 Touchdowns, we LOST 27 of them

    # 52 NCAA Average Total Offense entire 9-Year Coach Richt Era.

    It is

    It has been

    It will be the Offense that LOSES the games this year, yet again.


    • HackerDog

      The offense was first in the SEC in scoring in conference games.

      As usual, Thomas Brown spouts way too many statistics, and then draws the exact wrong conclusions.


  6. Mike

    The analysis about the defense backing up a first year starter is a good one. Just as important, imo, is a good offensive line. Not just an experienced OL, but a good one. After all, Vandy had an experienced OL last year and went 0-8


  7. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Listen to what is being said here…….It’s the offense!… it’s the defense stupid!……..maybe you should lay the blame where it should go on Mark Richt……he addresses the problem, but doesn’t solve it. He has had 91/2 years. Could Will Muschamp or Kirby Smart do any worse?