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The flukey dagger to Mike Bianchi’s heart

All that separates the program from South Carolina:


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Reason #4891 not to take the SEC media seriously.

Some clown in Hoover cast a vote for Kentucky to win the SEC… without winning the SEC East.


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The first thing we do, let’s kill all the agents.

Grambling head coach Rod Broadway has a final solution for the agent problem plaguing college football.

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Robbie Caldwell impresses.

While the media got a huge kick out of Robbie Caldwell’s comedy routine at SEC Media Days, perhaps more attention should be paid to this move:

… Tulsa World reports that Herb Hand has stepped down as Tulsa’s co-offensive coordinator to take a position on Caldwell’s Commodores’ staff.  Hand reportedly told his Golden Hurricane players of the move in a team meeting Thursday evening.

When Caldwell accepted the interim position at Vandy following Bobby Johnson‘s unexpected decision to retire earlier this month, he also relinquished his position as offensive line coach.

Hand, in addition to serving as one of Tulsa’s OC’s since 2007, was also the school’s line coach. While it’s not specified in the report, it appears likely he will take over Caldwell’s former job at Vandy.

Hand’s not your ordinary o-line coach.  His resumé includes stints with Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia and Gus Malzahn at Tulsa.  As an offensive coordinator, the guy didn’t exactly fall off the turnip truck.  If this is Caldwell’s signal that he intends to do something about Vanderbilt’s abysmal offensive showing of the past few seasons, it’s a shrewd move.



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