The flukey dagger to Mike Bianchi’s heart

All that separates the program from South Carolina:


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42 responses to “The flukey dagger to Mike Bianchi’s heart

  1. Dubyadee

    Bianchi’s a hack, but he’s not that stupid. My guess on how this went down:

    Ed: Ad sales are off. Internet traffic has declined 40% over the summer. All our jobs are in jeapardy, and I don’t know what to do!

    Bianchi: I do. Just look the other way on my next article.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Orlando Sentinel is a so so paper. Ranking at number 32 in circulation nationally. (AJC 30) If they were a football team they would be out of the top 25 …. that is 5 spots below Navy? When was the last time that rag won anything for its efforts? 1998? They changed their format in 2004 ……more graphics,new editor. I’m thinking USA Today wanna be…..and fell two spots in circulation from 2008 to 2010. Gee another unimpressive effort from a less than impressive sports writer wanna be, at a newspaper treading water. Let’s move along folks….nothing worth reading there.


    • Left to Right

      Agree. Ithink Bianchi got a look at Finebaums page hits for the CMR on the hot seat columns and decided to do something similar.


    • Jim from Duluth

      With the presence of Andrea ’64’ Adelson, they must have really tried hard to have their internet traffic tank that bad. 🙂



  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    And that same drunk frat boy is still in the end zone. You sure that’s not you Blutarsky?


  3. David

    The advertisement for the next game McNeese St. Vs La Tech what a different time.


  4. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    He trolled Georgia fans. Everyone bit.


  5. MWO

    A replay of this game was on one of the sports channels last week. Florida scored to make it 21-20. On the ensuing kickoff, # 34 was standing in the end zone to return the kick. Maybe A.J. Green as a returner isn’t a bad idea after all, since there is a precedent.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Yes…I guess we did.



  7. 202dawg

    I love Munson’s call (obviously) but this vid is a beaut. The announcer silence post-TD says it all…


    • 202dawg

      CORRECTION: The silence after he says “can you believe that”…


    • ChicagoDawg

      “The announcer(s)” were none other than Al Michaels along with Frank Broyles (ex Arkanasas coach and AD). Hard to believe that Al Michaels used to call college football games. Of course, Keith Jackson was the guy who did the signature, main event games for ABC and was teamed with Broyles on Southern games and Ara Parseghian on Big10 games.

      I remember the ABC halftime show, which was the “Prudential Halftime Show” was hosted by a very young Jim Lampley. I confess that I love having access to so much CFB on TV now, but it did have a certain specialness about it back in the day. Not sure if that was due to my youth or it’s scarcity on TV.


      • Chuck

        Like you, I like being able to see games on the tube, but the quantity of games is almost certain to dilute the quality of broadcasts. There’s a limited number of good broadcasters, producers, crews. There is a definite trade-off.


  8. BMan

    Good lord, what a play. Honest question, under current rules, would that TD have been nullified and put on the 15 yard line due to excessive celebration? Perish the thought.

    Also, with the sweetest of irony, the Nerds tying the Domers at the same time is just about perfect.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      To borrow from the immortal Dorsey Hill: what a perfect day, Notre Dame gets tied and Tech doesn’t win.


    • 69Dawg

      No Scott did nothing in the field of play to get a penalty other than run his a$$ off. UGA was penalized on the play for excessive celebration.


      • 81Dog

        so basically, he did the same thing AJ Green did last year against LSU: score a touchdown. At least we earned the delay of game call in 1980. Only God and the jackass who threw the flag against us in the LSU game knows what said jackass saw. Or imagined he saw. Or imagined he was about to see.


    • DirkDawggler

      You’re probably right. The unbridled joy at the end of this play is uncontrollable. It’s pure and spontaneous with no premeditated intent. It’s just a matter of time before this happens and a great play is wiped out and the fortunes of a season (program?) is changed forever because college officials, and SEC officials in particular, have no common sense. If this play were to happen today, we’re kickoff off from the back of our endzone.

      Wha…what? It’s happenend? Oh, yeah…LSU, Cox to A.J., Marc Curles…nevermind.


  9. Julie

    Bianchi also probably goes for the nitro watching the ’85 #1 Gators lose 24-3. Greg Waters was pretty much a fluke in that game, too.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    The call is almost as much a part of the lore as the play.

    “Broke my chair, went through a metal steel chair”

    Thanks Larry, for helping make Georgia football history so rich. Ditto Lewis Grizzard.


  11. Reptillicide

    Bianchi is just on the warpath for site hits. He literally did the same thing to Alabama fans just a couple of days before he poked us. He called Alabama “the worst-cheating program of the past 20 years.”

    Seems like he’s just trying to piss everyone off.


  12. DavetheDawg

    I can’t wait for Bianchi’s next column…after he finds out the FDA has banned ritalin.


  13. Will Q

    So it’s a fluke when your quarterback hits a talented receiver in the middle of the field and said player then proceeds to make something happen?

    I feel much better about all of the flukey plays Georgia gave up over the last few years now.


  14. I ranked Orlando Sentinel number 101 of the Top 50 Tabloids in the nation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  15. FANSINCE59

    Having followed GA football since 59, when I was a kid, one always had the feeling that a Dooley coached team could still pull it out if the score was close. Since the Richt era, during the last few years particularly, that feeling no longer exists. This replay brought the sad truth to mind. 20 years…17 losses, and I don’t see things improving any time soon. Dooley’s career: 17 wins…8 losses.


    • Dooley's Wig

      Could not complete the third down passes. Bowl record not the greatest.

      Kind of vanilla, but dependable like dad’s Buick.

      The fundamentals were down pat.

      We always won the ones we were supposed to win. We won many we should not have won.

      There was a dynamic working there . Those teams had heart.


    • Dubyadee

      Of course, Richt has a better record than Dooley against the other teams. I’d sure like to beat Florida more often, but I’m not sure I’d trade it for losses to Auburn.

      Another point that often goes forgotten is the lull the Dooley went through before that 80-82 run. It’s worth remembering that Dooley’s reputation is largely based on what he did after he’d been the head coach for 14 years.


  16. Dooley's Wig


    Those seasons of lull would not cut it today. Those were some rough times for sure.

    Makes seats hot.


  17. S.E. Dawg

    I get excited every time I see that play, but ladies and gentlemen I’m ready to start making some new memories and this year would be a good start.


  18. X-Dawg

    This was the first UGA game I ever attended and I never looked back! Also, I forgot about how well UGA covered the kickoff after Lindsay’s touchdown …….. with the celebration penalty and all.


  19. Russell

    Love the video, remember well that game, just couldn’t possibly care less about what a gators opinion of us is. Seriously.


  20. Coastal Dawg

    Florida’s first play after the score… pressure on the QB and interception. Thank God Willie M wasn’t our DC.


  21. Bryant Denny

    Great clip. Couple of things:

    1) Wonder what Dooley was listening to on his ipod?

    2) Definitely a chop block on the nose tackle. 🙂