It’s a long way down the holiday road.

I’m off to the hills of North Georgia for a brief vacation this week.  No Internet access, other than my trusty Blackberry, so posting will be limited.

That’s not to say I’m neglecting you guys.  I’ve got some stuff saved up that will be dribbled out during the week.  Reader polls will be involved.

Have a good time in my absence and try not to spill anything on the carpet.


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17 responses to “It’s a long way down the holiday road.

  1. Chuck

    I am glad you are getting a break. You are easily the hardest working blogger without a salary, and you deserve a break. Enjoy, and come back renewed and refreshed.


  2. May your days be filled with funnel cakes, birdhouses made of squash-like objects and hopefully a much needed dip in a cool body of water.

    Growing up in Northeast GA, I never understood why anyone would vacation there. But after a decade living in Atlanta, there’s nothing like the charm of being back in my hillbilly hometown.


  3. Bulldog Bry

    Just promise me you’ll keep the Kiffin watch alive this week.


  4. The Realist

    My productivity will see an unusually large spike this week…


  5. X-Dawg

    Have a great vacation, you’ve earned it!


  6. Rusdawg

    Senator, have a good vacation, I thought you would enjoy this “Boom goes the Dynamite” moment from the Orlando Sentinel though:

    3:00 Andrea Adelson: this is my final one for the orlando sentinel, as i am leaving to join Matt Murschel will still be here to kick around, though 🙂


  7. Sefdawg

    What is this, the calm before the storm? The Senator is taking a time off and Hale’s spot is vacant ’til next week. What am I supposed to do whilt I’m supposed to be working?


    • Jim from Duluth

      Apparently so. I think the team officially reports Sat. and practice starts next Monday (more actual days of practice since we’ve ditched two-a-days). Or something like that. So this is “last chance” for blogger vacations.



  8. Macallanlover

    Went there last week to escape the heat, but that didn’t work either. Even went into NC to higher elevations, and it was still miserable. Hope it works better for you, an escape is just what you need with the fireworks getting close to launch time. If the off-season has been this entertaining, I can’t wait for the real deal. With one caveat, Murray stays healthy, the Dawgs are going to make us all feel good this fall!


  9. anon

    “I’ve got some stuff saved up that will be dribbled out during the week.”

    That’s a little too much detail, Senator.

    Enjoy your vacation.


  10. HVL Dawg

    You’ll be missed.


  11. shane#1

    Have a good time! Bye now! Hey you guys, I know a guy that can, like, buy beer and stuff. Do ya’ll know some, like, girls? We could, you know, have like, a PARTY!


  12. Dog in Fla

    He was a quiet man. Kept to himself. Took ‘vacations’ in the woods to go off to what were really ‘training camps’ run by a motley crewe of former strength and training coaches all of whom had been let go for not meeting production goals.

    He had a surprisingly high volume of the lunatic fringe that were his ‘virtual’ friends. To some, he was almost, but not quite, like what a University of Phoenix professor or a high plains drifter or just someone who wasn’t there must be like.

    While he didn’t know them all, they were all “Buddy” to him. No, wait, that was Bobby…


  13. dawg1976

    I just want to say thank you for all the good UGA info and all the awesome links w/the buffet.

    Have fun on vaction and drive safely


  14. JC in Powder Springs

    Enjoy your vacation. I suggest the Dillard House for a meal if you’re in the area.