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The “64” Poll

I thought I’d let you guys take one last pot shot at Andrea Adelson’s absurd #64 preseason ranking of the Georgia program with this poll designed in her honor.

It’s real simple.  Look over this list of teams – all of which she’s bestowed or is in the process of bestowing higher preseason rankings on than the Dawgs – and predict a won/loss record if they comprised Georgia’s 2010 schedule (don’t forget to randomly assign half of them as road games):

  • Troy
  • Central Florida
  • Ohio
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Northern Illinois
  • Fresno State
  • Temple
  • Army
  • Idaho
  • Middle Tennessee
  • SMU

Even Adelson thinks Georgia won’t do any worse than 6-6 with its real world 2010 schedule, so I won’t ask anyone to go lower than six wins, although you could argue that since she assesses all those teams as Georgia’s betters, a losing record would be a realistic proposition.

Have fun and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.



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