The “64” Poll

I thought I’d let you guys take one last pot shot at Andrea Adelson’s absurd #64 preseason ranking of the Georgia program with this poll designed in her honor.

It’s real simple.  Look over this list of teams – all of which she’s bestowed or is in the process of bestowing higher preseason rankings on than the Dawgs – and predict a won/loss record if they comprised Georgia’s 2010 schedule (don’t forget to randomly assign half of them as road games):

  • Troy
  • Central Florida
  • Ohio
  • Southern Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Northern Illinois
  • Fresno State
  • Temple
  • Army
  • Idaho
  • Middle Tennessee
  • SMU

Even Adelson thinks Georgia won’t do any worse than 6-6 with its real world 2010 schedule, so I won’t ask anyone to go lower than six wins, although you could argue that since she assesses all those teams as Georgia’s betters, a losing record would be a realistic proposition.

Have fun and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.



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47 responses to “The “64” Poll

  1. RusDawg

    So glad she is taking her talents to South Beach….


  2. baltimore dawg

    i’d like to request an explanation from the people who voted and believe uga would lose any of those games. or are they all gator and tech clowns?


    • Puffdawg



    • Silver Creek Dawg

      I think we would go 11-1 against that schedule.

      We would be favored in every game, but I also believe in that “regression to the mean” thing and believe we would put up a stinker of an effort in one of the road games and lose a close one.

      Just my opinion. Yours may vary.


    • JasonC

      After 2 weeks of road games to Nevada and Idaho, UGA finally looses a nail-biter against the West Coast Bulldogs in California. The game starts around midnight EST and is aired on ESPN Ocho.


    • dboy

      UGA has a new qb, new dcoordinator, new defensive system. Plus the stinker theory. One loss is not urealistic to me… even as a diehard, yet realistic UGA fan.


      • Macallanlover

        Just curious, Florida has a new QB, new DC, and that means a new defensive scheme, and the stinker theory applies to every team,would you also say UF goes 11-1 against that schedule?

        I only ask because I am mystified by how so many preseason polls have Florida in the Top 10, while UGA is averaging around 20. We have so many of the same negatives/flaws, and UGA seems to have more upside with the returning players (or at least equal.)

        I understand UF finished higher than UGA last season, but when I hear/read the brief version of so many “experts” it reads “inexperienced QB, new DC, and lost some key defensive players to the NFL”. OK, raises some questions. But are they talking about UGA or Florida? The only edge I see for Florida is less change in the defensive scheme, but I think this is offset by them losing more impact players. I feel Florida lost more with Strong, Spikes, Dunlap, Tebow, two key receivers, and their defensive back. I cannot say we are better because no one knows how the “questions” will be answered, but I think we are pretty damned equal entering this season.


        • JC in Powder Springs

          They lost Pouncey, Haden, Wright, Hernandez & Cunningham, just to name a few others who were drafted. Of course, “sportswriters” would say UF is just ‘reloading’. But last time they ‘reloaded’ (with a college QB much better than Brantley can ever hope to be), they went 8-4, loosing to Michigan in the bowl game.


    • Ward Eagle

      Auburn clown here. This isn’t about making a wise decision, this is about keeping* Richt on the hot seat.

      I had to go 6-6 because 0-12 wasn’t available.

      I love/hate you guys, so there’s that.

      *did i do that right?


      • 81Dog

        if you guys can just help keep him on the hot seat the same way you have for the last 4 years, we’ll all say thank you. Is Brandon Cox still having flashbacks?


    • Chuck

      I assumed that if we had to go to Fresno State and to Troy and to Central Florida and to SMU we might lose one, especially if the schedule had a couple of those back-to-back.


    • Vinings Dog

      I voted 8-4, but then I realized I was supposed to substitute our schedule for the sad sacks on the list above. Now that I know, I would vote 12-0. ADD


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    What are the nicknames for all those teams? Here’s what I know:

    Nevada Wolfpack
    Temple Owls
    Army Cadets
    Southern Miss Golden Eagles
    SMU Mustangs
    Central Florida Knights
    Fresno State Bulldogs (we have payback coming)


  4. Castleberry

    This gets at another problem that irritates me. A lot of the polls, especially preseason, are basing the rankings on a final won loss record. They’re not evaluating the teams based on how they’d fare against each other.


    • Castleberry

      oh yeah –

      12-0 with only one of the games (on the road at Fresno) decided by fewer that 10 points.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Have fun and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.

    I don’t think “thoughts” and “Andrea Adelson” really belong in the same post.


  6. Senator, we would put serious beatdowns on every team on that schedule whether we played them in Athens or on the blue turf of Boise. Come to think of it that looks like a normal Boise State schedule.


  7. hassan

    I was initially inclined to go 11-1 since we usually lose a game we shouldn’t (or at the very least play down to an opponent once a season giving them a fighting chance). However, I can’t find anything reasonable from this list. So…12-0.


  8. Reptillicide

    You guys voting 11-1 are being pussies. Les Miles could navigate us to 12-0 with that schedule.


  9. Dog in Fla

    Some observers speculate that Andrea may have possibly had help in compiling her Orlando Sentinel 2010 Pre-Season Poll rankings from either Mike Bianchi or the ANP in Kandahar just before they went on patrol with the 82nd Airborne, or both.


  10. Ryan

    Back to the actual subject…

    As realistic and “worst case” as I could be (barring injuries to major pieces of the puzzle)…

    W – La-L – 1-0
    W – SCa – 2-0
    L – Ark – 2-1 (figured we would at worst split SC and Ar)
    W – MiS – 3-1
    W – Col – 4-1
    W – Ten – 5-1
    W – Van – 6-1
    W – Ken – 7-1
    L – Fla – 7-2
    W – Ida – 8-2
    L – Aub – 8-3 (Again, probably split the last two)
    W – Gay – 9-3

    With this schedule, I’m not sure how you would even get to 6-6 even if we did direct snap enough to get to the 50 and let Blaire boot it each time.


    • Dan

      And even if we lost ALL four of the games that you suggest we split, as well as Tennessee (I never consider that one a gimme, especially after last year), we still end up at 6-6.

      It can always be worse, but being realistic and allowing for an average amount of injuries (minor ones to Green, Ealey or King, and an OL during the season) it’s tough to predict how we come out below an even record.


    • Cooper

      Your post could be one of the most realistic I have seen on this subject. However, with an unproven QB and new defensive system, I see L’s at Carolina, home to the Hogs, of course the Gaytors and Auburn. We will drop another game to either UT or Ga. Tech, not sure which one. Hello 8-5 and say bye-bye CMR.


      • BadM

        Why is everyone giving Auburn much credit. Even Willie figured out how to slow that gimmicky offense. But I guess those passes to the O-line were too hard to handle.


  11. WomenRFunny

    Women talking football. Hmm.


  12. Airplanebottles

    This silly broad’s (or wily seeker of web clicks) ten minutes would be up if y’all would quit talking about her. As much as I despise Finebaum’s brand of sports punditry, at least he’s somewhat relevant. Nobody, save some Dawg fans, care who Amy Achteson is.


  13. Brandon

    Unfortunately I’ve got a work late tonight but if one of you college guys or somebody who’s off with nothing better to do have the time and opportunity, simulate these games against UGA on NCAA Football 11 and let’s see what the results are. (again alternating home and away) shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.


    • Reptillicide

      I’ll get on that tonight if nobody beats me to it. Probably won’t be home till around 9 though. It’s ok, I already have a pretty good idea of what the results will be.


  14. Dawgy45

    At first I misread the instructions and began putting each of those teams through UGA’s 2010 schedule.

    It still didn’t do anything to make AA64 seem anymore intelligent.


  15. Vious

    8-4 at best


  16. Russ

    Well, we could lose one I guess, but I can’t say which one. Is there anyone on this list where we wouldn’t be favored by at least a touchdown? Most of the games we’d easily be favored by double-digits.


  17. Macallanlover

    With the results now showing 60% at 12-0, 0r 11-1, what this poll has become is an example of two things: 1) how many small (not a man yet) people are on this blog or, 2) how many people do not have a clue about CFB. I get the children who are from other teams, that join our own children, in playing with Mom and Dad’s puter, and I understand the “anything on a given Saturday crowd” saying one lightening bolt could hit, but are there really folks reading this blog that cannot analyze CFB any better than that?

    Last year’s team would be undefeated, and not even pushed by that list. And this year’s team looks to be significantly stronger. Must be something better for 40% of you who voted to do with your time.


    • Brandon

      Man, there is no shortage of idiots in this country no matter what you’re talking about, why should CFB be any different? I agree with you though, the hardest part of making it through this schedule would be keeping the team up every week to play such inferior competition.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree, fools everywhere (unfortunately, many vote). I do think it is helpful to see the number quantified and this poll may be just the right way to draw the line. 40% is a little higher than I am comfortable with so I may have to get more ammo.


  18. Dawgfan17

    Not only would UGA run the table against that group, but Ealey AND King would be in the Heisman running with the numbers they would put up behind a OL that would dominate every team on that list. Add to that who on any of those teams would have a chance at covering Green and Charles. Murray would look like a #1 overall draft pick since his jersey would never get dirty. Also how many sacks would Houston be getting against that schedule. I think Troy, Fresno State and maybe one other would keep it interesting into the second half but outside of that the only thing the Dawgs would have to fear is a Varsity Blues type late night romp the night before a game.