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Twelve seconds of bliss

With all the talk about breaking in Murray and a new defensive scheme, it’s easy to forget about our old friend, directional kicking. With that in mind, dial up this Dawg Post video to the 1:35 mark and prepare to cheer.

Damn, that makes me happy to hear.


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Something else for Michael Adams to rename

Georgia finishes first in The Princeton Review’s party school rankings.

The Athens campus has been on the list 10 times since the ranking was created in 1992, but this is the first time the university has taken the top spot.

I guess those player incidents with alcohol we’ve been noticing didn’t occur completely in a vacuum.


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“… don’t confuse my rants… with my continued effort to write with meticulousness, honesty.”

It’s one thing to be a consummate asshole about blogging.

It’s another to be a consummate, hypocritical asshole about blogging.  Well played, Buzz Bissinger.


UPDATE: Will Collier posts a timely, contra-Bissinger view worth sharing.

To put it bluntly, why should I slog through the same old beat writer reports when I can read Jerry Hinnen at War Blog Eagle? Why spend time reading the umpteenth pseudo-Paul-Finebaum opinion column when I can read Orson Spencer Swindle Hall Mellencamp at Every Day Should Be Saturday? Why bother with by-the-numbers analysis when there’s Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday, who’s not only a better analyst, but also a better writer than anybody in the local paper?


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So how dire is that Tennessee QB situation, anyway?

This dire:  Tony Barnhart can’t even bring himself to rank the Vols’ bunch higher than the worst quarterback I saw in conference play last year (Larry Smith).


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If you’re going to Boulder, Colorado…

Make sure you check out Kanudawg’s exhaustive post regarding ticket options and other matters related to the Georgia-Colorado game on October 2.  It’s all there.


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South Beach is inevitable, when you think about it.

Sam Bradford:  six-year, $78 million contract with the St. Louis Rams Friday night, with $50 million in guaranteed money.

Eric Berry:  contract is the richest ever given to a safety in the NFL, reportedly a six-year deal for $60 million with $34 million guaranteed.

Is it any wonder that we’ve got agents out there throwing parties and offering financial inducements to win the hearts (and signatures on the dotted line) of top college players?  Good luck with all that, NCAA.

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