“… don’t confuse my rants… with my continued effort to write with meticulousness, honesty.”

It’s one thing to be a consummate asshole about blogging.

It’s another to be a consummate, hypocritical asshole about blogging.  Well played, Buzz Bissinger.


UPDATE: Will Collier posts a timely, contra-Bissinger view worth sharing.

To put it bluntly, why should I slog through the same old beat writer reports when I can read Jerry Hinnen at War Blog Eagle? Why spend time reading the umpteenth pseudo-Paul-Finebaum opinion column when I can read Orson Spencer Swindle Hall Mellencamp at Every Day Should Be Saturday? Why bother with by-the-numbers analysis when there’s Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday, who’s not only a better analyst, but also a better writer than anybody in the local paper?


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4 responses to ““… don’t confuse my rants… with my continued effort to write with meticulousness, honesty.”

  1. Principal B.F. Skinner

    Shorter Costas: A Convocation of Consummate Assholes on Blogging –

    Deadspin guy, slandered by Buzz Lightkill as being a Jimmy Olson on Percocet, would welcome at most a Section 37F seat.

    Buzz, who bless his heart knows he’s not the future and looks pissed about that or something else, or both, along with his buddy, Bob, the David Frost of baseball analysts and Summer and Winter Olympics hostess, want to know why the tone of gratuitous potshots and mean-spirited abuse toward famous people like Sean Salisbury, a person who played not only in the arena but also in the Coliseum? Didn’t Sean invent palatable steak in Maryland when he was with the Indianapolis Colts? Why should Sean be the Rodney Dangerfield of blog poster children?

    Braylon for next Commissar of the NFL as he wins a one-day free pass from negative blog posts for his role in portraying the only normal person on camera.

    In the post-taping show, Buzz, after hearing from his assistant who read a blog on a post somewhere that the Titans have sued Lane, tells assistant to call his publicist to call his agent to call his attorney so they can think about going after Irwin for lifting the name of his novel to recruit 17 and 18 year olds for business purposes.

    In conclusion, Buzz and Bob worry this is all going to dumb us down.

    As if that’s possible.


  2. baltimore dawg

    i like how bissinger’s wife refers to his “authorial narcissism” in the article.

    the rest of us just call that “being an asshole.”

    i have a friend who published a sports-themed book a few years ago that bissinger wrote a jacket blurb for. later on, bissinger sent him a long letter saying that he actually read the book, but the substance of his remarks was more like “this is my territory. i own it. you’re just a visitor.”


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Bissinger is just as big an asshole as Leitch only more self-important.


  4. Chadwick

    Collier nailed it. Just because you write on a blog does not mean you’re not a good writer. Just because you didn’t graduate from a top ten journalism school doesn’t mean what you put out there isn’t relevant and entertaining. Many in the old school media can’t come to grips with those facts. Ex. 1….Buzz Bissenger