Twelve seconds of bliss

With all the talk about breaking in Murray and a new defensive scheme, it’s easy to forget about our old friend, directional kicking. With that in mind, dial up this Dawg Post video to the 1:35 mark and prepare to cheer.

Damn, that makes me happy to hear.


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8 responses to “Twelve seconds of bliss

  1. shane#1

    IMO the problem wasn’t so much directional kicking as not having the proper players on the kick coverage team. Fabris did not adjust to having a freshman kicker that had trouble placing the ball in the proper spot and having some of his guys put in the rotation because of injury in 2008. In 2009 his choice of personel left a lot to be desired. I do not want either Ogletree red shirted nor do I want to see Samuel red shirted. If those guys don’t make the defensive rotation I want to see them covering kicks. With a young QB and a new defense I don’t want the Dawgs to be spotting everybody a first down or two.


  2. Regular Guy

    And there was much rejoicing……..


  3. Dawgfan17

    “There was a little rust from spring practice, but I was pleased with how they responded and with their attention and grasp of everything,” said Grantham. “It’s a start, and we’ll keep moving forward. Basically, we’re installing, then we have a walk-through, an individual period, a group period, a team session and review it all on video, so there’s six times to learn everything. There’s no excuse not to get it. They are learning the system and know what we want to accomplish”

    The “there is NO EXCUSE” part I think is what I love most about Grantham so far.


  4. BadM

    Just wanted to remind the fans before they get too hard on Murray. This could be the start of a pretty good four years for this talented kid…even if it isn’t perfect. Let’s let him develop a little.


    • Prov

      Didn’t you hear? He is too short and is going to be terrible. Didn’t you see the batted down pass in the Spring Game? That’s what I read in the AJC comments section anyway.


    • Dawgfan17

      I wouldn’t mind seeing him make a run at David Greene’s UGA record for wins and possibly passing Colt McCoy for the NCAA lead. Now that would be fun.


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