“People who look to attack have more fun.”

Don’t hate on me for writing this, but Mark Bradley’s post about the changes on defense is a worthy read, if only for the player quotes.  An example:

… In 2010 Justin Houston was a defensive end, which means, in football argot, that he aligned himself by sticking his hand in the dirt. Now he’s an outside linebacker, and not just any old OLB — he’s the weakside backer, which was Lawrence Taylor’s position and is DeMarcus Ware’s.

Ware has had 64 1/2 sacks over five NFL seasons. Not coincidentally, he plays for the Dallas Cowboys, where Grantham was previously employed as the defensive line coach. Not surprisingly, he has become Justin Houston’s model.

“I watch DeMarcus Ware almost every night,” Houston said. “I’ve got my own personal cut-up [a  DVD that isolates Ware].” Then this: “If I could be half as good … ”

There’s a chance Houston, who had 7 1/2 sacks as a down lineman in 2009, will double that number in 2010. If the 3-4 is built for anyone, it’s for big men who can come hard off the corner. Asked how often he figures to blitz this season, Houston said: “It all depends on the game plan.”

Were he designing the game plan, how often would he have himself blitz? Said Houston, laughing: “One hundred percent of the time.”



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3 responses to ““People who look to attack have more fun.”

  1. Barkley

    Yeah, nice quotes but I’m really trying to NOT click on anything from Bradley or Schultz. I’m almost thinking of starting some kind of boycott. Would rather get my “fix” from any other source… like your blog… which seems to work pretty good. I don’t care for someone (Bradley) telling me and the Bulldawg Nation what to do.


  2. Steve

    The def will be better from the simple fact that the other teams won’t know what we are doing…which I promise you was a problem last year. Coaches around the SEC had our signals. USC, Tenn, KY, and Fl were talking to each other.
    In that same vein…Cox probably would have been pretty great if he hadn’t telegraphed every play by his stance. We have to be vigilant to keep mixing things up. We have the talent…but we need to be smarter.


  3. 69Dawg

    Look no further than the UT game to know that we waited and reacted to UT and they killed us. Look at the UT Ala game and while it was close UT could not get away with consistently rolling out. Willie could not adjust during the game at all. Heck I was yelling for us to take a time out to break UT’s O momentum. If you attack and cover the safety valve receivers then the O is screwed.

    Now if we can just not be so damn predictable on offense. Once a defense gets our O (see UF-Strong UT-M Kiffin) then we are toast, Bobo does not do a great job of adjusting.