Dirty, dirty

Got a question for Stewart Mandel – if Houston Nutt is a “certifiably dirty” coach by this standard

… The definition of “dirty” seems to vary based on one’s affiliation, but surely we can all agree on at least one designation: A dirty coach is willing to eschew his integrity if doing so might pay off in a couple more W’s. He’s not so much a winner as a survivalist. He’s not even necessarily a rule-breaker because he creates his own loopholes.

… exactly where does Derek Dooley rank in the firmament of “dirty” coaches today?


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  1. kevin

    You could call out at least one instance in about 8 SEC programs that fit that definition


  2. Chris

    I understand that only one player has really been charged, but all accounts clearly state that there were multiple players involved and not just trying to stop the beating.

    So is this a case of players just having each others back or all public accounts of the incident being wrong?

    Or as it appears, a coach that can get away with “punishing” players since there werent any formal charges?

    Good start for Dooley to change the culture there…


    • DawgPhan

      Well when the guy who was beaten is saying “I dont want to press charges…I love UT football” I think that it becomes really difficult to make anything stick.


      • NCT

        Regardless of whether criminal charges would stick, Dooley had the authority to make some kind of punishment stick and elected not to do so. I don’t have all the facts, of course. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Dooley to make his reasoning a little more transparent, because it’s far too easily interpreted as being slack as hell with discipline as it stands.


        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          He’s beginning to look more and more Zookish, but without the manic streak.


        • Vindexdawg

          Dooley actually stated publicly when this story first broke that he was not bound to wait on any results from a police investigation, that he could and would administer discipline according to what he himself ascertained from his own investigation and contact with the players in question. Now we know that that was all for public consumption, and this is the REAL discipline, in the greatest Fulmer tradition.

          I’ll tell you what would have happened if this had taken place in Athens:
          1. Suspension of most if not all the players involved for at least 2 games up to half the season;
          2. Followed at a minimum by dismissals of the ones who did the beating before the season starts;
          3. Non-stop blogs on how lawless and violent our program is from the Siamese Twins Bradley and Schultz at the AJC;
          4. A week of continous jibes by the regional media, e.g. Finebaum over in Alabama; his little wannabe Bianchi at the Orlando Sentinel, and of course the Vol John Pennington at the so-called “Mr. Sec” site whose one post about it thus far is utterly devoid of any sense whatsoever that this whole deal of Dooley’s really smells….BAD;
          4. At least two if not more public scoldings by the Three Stooges of the national media: Dennis Dodd, Ivan Maisel and little Stewie Mandell. All oblivious to the fact that at Georgia, players who do this kind of thing actually face consequences, unlike elsewhere.

          For the record, put me down as being officially amused and entertained by some of the regional AND national handwringing over Houston Nutt welcoming Jeremiah Masoli to Ole Miss. What these criminals did in Knoxville is MUCH worse than everything Masoli did put together. For that matter, CMS dismissed Zach Mettenberger last spring for far less.


  3. Prov

    When in Rome…


  4. 69Dawg

    How do the Knoxville Police not charge anyone in this one. I guess if you are a UT playa it’s open season on the police. Heck the three guys last year should have just fought the cops and claimed the girl started it. Vince had better have a long talk with his boy because he has wasted a lot of goodwill on this one.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      “How do the Knoxville Police not charge anyone in this one. ”

      That’s what I’m wondering. The bar owner said there were 7-10 UT players involved. How does a police officer get beaten unconscious, dragged out into the middle of the street and kicked repeatedly without anyone being charged? I can’t imagine that going down well with the rank-and-file officers in Knoxville.


    • Phocion

      You answered your own question: it was in k-ville. The laws there don’t necessarily apply to the UThug football team.

      Or have you all forgotten the Jackson disappearing act at the Pilot store already?


  5. Can we send some of the Athens police to be trained up in Knoxville?


  6. RusDawg

    I just want to see the exact same situation played out with non-football players….


    • BeerMoney

      Not that I want to see it, but if this happened in Athens…

      1. Wonder how long it would take that “slack ass disciplinarian” Richt to kick these guys off the team, since after all, according to Tech fans and the like, we have nothing but thugs at UGA and Richt does nothing to any of them when they get in trouble. Just check his track record.

      2. Can you imagine the blowtorch to an anthill response out of the University itself, the ACCPD and the UGAPD? And not just for football players…EVERYBODY.