Hurling haberdashery.

Steve Spurrier’s visor tossing may have met its match.

Georgia offensive line coach Stacy Searels throws his hat at a player during the Bulldogs’ first preseason practice on Monday. (photo via Richard Hamm/AB-H)

The SEC East gets tougher every year.


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18 responses to “Hurling haberdashery.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Good fastball motion. Was probably directed at Tanner for yawning and injuring his shoulder again.


  2. Zdawg

    That’s kind of like the pose I struck after watching the 6th or 7th play action bootleg that UT completed against us last year.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Chapeaux chucking?


  4. 69Dawg

    I left a comment on an earlier post about the need for the O line to be meaner.Technique is great but O line play boils down to being able to crush your opponent. I have liked Ben Jones as an O lineman all along but the game against Alabama and his blocking of Mt Cody convinced me that he was a rabid Dawg. Out weighed by at least 80 pounds he did everything in his power to stop Cody. The battle was so furious that the TV guys isolated on it. I swear if he had had brass knuckles he would have used them. Did he win all the battles, no, did he play his very large heart out yes. Give me 4 more Ben Jones and we go 14-0.


  5. Nice form, love the way he is square to his target.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    If Todd Grantham throws a hat, the owner’s head is still wearing it.


  7. HVL Dawg

    What is with these football coaches who wear sweatshirts in the summer?


    • rbubp

      I was just thinking that. Is it like the players who refuse to cover their arms when it’s -50 F? Just gotta prove how tough y’are?


  8. Mike

    Both he and Spurrier should be charged and convicted of aggravated haberdashery.


  9. gatriguy

    Love the sweatshirt. He doesn’t want to hear any of his players bitching about how hot it is.


  10. shane#1

    Love the sweatshirt, if he had a hooded sweatshirt and khaki pants he would be wearing our old coache’s uniform. Oh, and he needs a chaw of Red Man.


  11. GreerDawg

    Has anyone checked if SS has a bit ole War Eagle tatouage on his fore-arm that he is hiding. Seriously, have any of the Dawgbeat reporters ever asked SS what’s up with wearing a sweatshirt in triple digit heat? Does he do it just to show his pupils that he is hot just like them?


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  13. Scott W.

    Head game most definitely. “What’s wrong with you ladies it’s so cold out here I needed a sweatshirt?”