Wednesday morning buffet

What’s the story with this Brett Favre dude?  Never mind – on to the buffet:

  • Chris Low has a nice piece about Aaron Murray.
  • Amazingly, Derek Dooley really is closing the door on the brawl at the Knoxville bar.
  • And from the same article, the man who doesn’t “ever believe in making players move positions” is making two players… move positions.
  • It sounds like it’s up to Aaron Murray as to whether Mike Bobo moves back up to the box to call plays this season.
  • From the Department of Unfortunate Names:  the likely starter at quarterback for Kansas this season is named Kale Pick.  The headlines from a bad day just write themselves, don’t they?
  • When it comes to the BCS, the MAC commissioner sounds like a pretty easy-going fellow.
  • I posted the other day that I wasn’t aware of any Georgia bloggers calling for Mark Richt’s head, à la Finebaum.  In the interest of full and fair disclosure, I should acknowledge that I was wrong.  (And, yes, that guy is serious.)
  • This is why the NCAA gets the kind of crap thrown its way about the rule book that it does – deservedly so.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • Somebody in Rebel Land went to the trouble of interviewing Stewart Mandel about his “dirty” column on Houston Nutt.  Evidently Mandel considers himself to be on a noble mission to reclaim the meaning of the world “dirty” from the unwashed masses:  “Mandel wanted to make it clear that he thought the word dirty is used to lightly by fans when describing a coach who they believe does anything and everything to win games. He said that word gets tossed around too often and that is misdirected at coaches and programs over incidents that they have no control over.” [UPDATE: Don’t miss Michael Elkon’s takedown/rant of Mandel’s piece.]


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22 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. RusDawg

    I can’t take a blogger seriously when he says things like “he wins more than he looses” …..

    It may be a typo, and if it is fine…..but it is LOSES.

    The guys whole hot seat thing became the teacher from Peanuts after that for me…..

    • NCT

      Did you see the comments? IT LIVES! I’d been lucky enough to avoid a particular commenter for quite some time until I visited that site.

      • thewhiteshark

        Sports and Grits can get together with Finebaum and have a lovefest. I too noticed he let the infamous BuLLdawg post some of his long rants. Maybe they’re the same person … hmmm. If I had a my own blog on Georgia football I’d let everybody post except that dude. He’d be banned for life. Having that knucklehead posting on your blog is like winning a lifetime supply of vomit. I notice he didn’t have the Senator as one of his blogs of note.

        • That’s OK by me. If he provides a permanent landing for BuLLdawg/Thomas Brown/negative ? to comment, I look at it as a public service for Dawg bloggers everywhere.😉

          • Puffdawg

            Pretty sure the author of that blog is the same as those names you mention. I also think the pcsjax commenter is the same guy as well. It’s like he’s playing tennis with himself.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              The only thing that S&G guy said that I agree with is that the Oklahoma State loss is on the AD, not Richt. (Of course he then goes on to use that single loss as an excuse to fire Richt.) Do not give this guy the opportunity for people to see his trash by putting it on you blog, Senator.

      • Bulldog Bry

        See, I like reading (or scanning) BuLLdawg’s posts. It makes me feel better about myself as a Dawg, a college football fan….hell, as a human.

        • NCT

          I can’t believe you said the name a third time. Don’t be surprised if it shows up here.

          • Bulldog Bry

            OMG. Is it like Beetlejuice – nobody says the “B” word?

            You’re probably right. We’re screwed.

  2. baltimore dawg

    someone correct me if i’m wrong, but i thought the big advantage of a coordinator upstairs is that he sees the field open up from elevation and therefore has a better view of formations, alignments, etc. can’t some of that be replicated on the field with monitors and still photographs, like in the nfl? (although it’s qbs, not ocs, who take advantage of those technologies in the nfl, i’ve noticed). or are there rules against that in cfb?

    my gut reaction is that i like bobo on the field because that worked last year. and it seemed to me that the further from the field bobo is the more he calls the game like jim donnan.

  3. I get what ole boy is saying for the most part. He actually makes some valid points. What he does not do is cover the other side of the story…..prolly because he has never been in the arena.

    Stafford should have been at UGA last year and Knowshon should be wrapping up his career at UGA this year. Sure the defense sucked, but the offense sure didn’t help em out much last year. Joe Cox was sacked just 12 times in 09, can you imagine what Staff could have done with that kind of time? Can you imagine what Cox might have accomplished with Knowshon in the backfield? Staff, as a senior, would have been a pretty special player. Knowshon, as a senior, with this offensive line, had Heisman written all over him. What might have been?

    Joe Cox, if you’re reading this, you will always have a special place in my heart…you are a DGD without question.

    Willie was allowed to wear out his welcome and that is my only problem with CMR.

    • Which begs the question: if Stafford and Knowshon had stayed in 2009, would Martinez, Jancek and Fabris still be gracing the sidelines in Athens?

      • Good point Senator. I can’t count the times last year those thoughts crossed my mind though. At the end of the day, if last year was instrumental in growing CMR as a head coach, it will have been worth all the pain, terrible hangovers and red swollen eyes. I think in the end he proved that he is indeed “tough enough” to make the hard decisions. I truly believe Georgia’s best days are ahead.

      • Dog in Fla

        Let me think about it for awhi…Yes.

  4. The Realist

    Since I graced their site meter with a click, I wanted to leave my mark with a nice, long retort of all the inane points douchebag made. Like Mark Richt’s “expected” record (i.e., minimum acceptable record), being better than Nick Saban’s record at Alabama in three seasons… one of which was a national title season. And, completely glossing over the fact that Richt has the 4th highest winning percentage among active coaches… behind only Chris Petersen at Boise State (who plays ten cupcakes per year), Urban Meyer, and “Big Game” Bob Stoops. That’s it. Only Richt and Big Game Bob amassed their records entirely in BCS conferences. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

  5. Principal Belding F. Skinner

    Mandel, the Don Quixote on whether the meaning of ‘dirty’ is ‘dirrty,’ hears from his publicist and as well as counsel for SI that if this sh!tstorm he created doesn’t blow over by the weekend, Mandel needs to release a statement stating that ‘if you ain’t dirrty, you ain’t here to party’ and then check himself into the Sierra Tucson for some rehab for some dreamed-up undisclosed affliction for a week. So maybe the media will layoff his ass either out of pity or,more likely, because they wish they were in the Sierra Tucson.

    If not, he’ll find himself behind a used keyboard at Deadspin looking straight at Jimmy Olson’s ass and Buzz Lightkill will take Stewart’s place at SI just to lighten up the mood of the place with some Percocet.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not that Houston Nutt is on my Christmas list but how is what he did with Masoli any different than what Gene Chizik did with Cam Newton? Their crimes were almost identical. NCAA rules do not bar either from playing if certain guidelines are followed (in the case of Newton sitting out of major college ball for one year, in the case of Masoli graduating and being admitted to a graduate program that his former school does not have). I do not see anything more “dirty” about what Nutt did than what Chizik did. These kids were not barred altogether from participation in NCAA sports. Should they have been? Now that’s an entirely different question. That needs to be taken up with the NCAA, not one football coach.

  6. chad

    I know this is not really part of the buffet but does anyone have any info on the Dexter morant situation?