Maybe the problem is that Jacksonville isn’t far enough away.

Phil Steele notes that Georgia has the second-best road record in all of college football over the past decade.


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  1. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Our problem is the same as everyone else’s. It isn’t Jacksonville; it’s the team on the other sideline.

    • Tell it, brother, tell it…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Steele isn’t treating the WLOCP game as an away game. If it counts as an away game (and it really is) UGA is way down the list with 8 more losses. Apples to apples–don’t cull out games you do not want just so you can make a point you have already predetermined.

        • Mayor, Richt is 2-7 in Jax and 35-8 everywhere else.

          I’m not the one predetermining a point here.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Steele used the last 10 games in his analysis–that’s 8 losses for UGA counting Donnan’s last year.

            • Even better – that makes Richt 33-6.

              He’s also 7-2 in bowl games.

              I’m sensing a pattern here.😉

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The basis for Steele’s analysis is away games played in the last 10 years. Count

                • Mayor, they win in opponents’ stadiums at an 80+% clip.

                  They win bowl games at an 80% rate.

                  They win in Jax about 20% of the time.

                  One of these away-from-Athens percentages is not like the others. You tell me what that means.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Excuse the typo, please. Counting the WLOCP as an away game UGA is 35-16 for the last 10 years (2000-2009).

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Senator, it means something is rotten in Jacksonville. If you want to do an analysis that means something look at the winning % of FLA against Bama, Auburn, LSU and UT during the same 10 year period. Then compare the winning % for UGA against those same teams. Pretty much the same. How come FLA beat UGA 8 out of 10 times?

                  • How come FLA beat UGA 8 out of 10 times?

                    Whatever the reason, it’s got nothing to do with Georgia traveling.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      You missed the point completely.There are 2 teams that have basically identical records against multiple common opponents. One team beats the other team head to head 80% of the time. Basically the only difference between the aggregate records of those 2 teams is the outcome of their head to head games. Their game is played in the home state of the team that is doing all the winning, less than 60 miles from its campus. Nobody seems to understand why that team wins all the time. Duh!!!!

                    • … less than 60 miles from its campus.

                      I thought that travel wasn’t the issue here.

    • Thank you. It’s like everybody wants to come up with some conspiracy story of Jacksonville ghosts and hot weather, etc. Honestly, the reason we’ve lost 17 times in the last two decades is because the team lining up on the other side of the field has been better than us for the majority of those losses. Some Dawg fans just can’t seem to comprehend or refuse to acknowledge that.

  2. Derek

    Generally it is true that UF is winning the series because they have been the better team in most years. However, in 1992, 2002 and 2003 that wasn’t the case and we still got beat. We’ve only got them once as the underdog: 1997. So I guess over the last 20 years the series ought to be 5-15 rather than 3-17. Not exactly a substantial difference, but a minor one anyway.

    What we need to do is win 2 in a row and one of them needs to be a big win to really effect the momentum of this series. I think we’ve got a chance to get one this year if we stay healthy and establish the offensive and defensive identities that we are looking for.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that SEC schools made a huge mistake trying to emulate UF in order to beat them when all they needed to do was cue up the Nebraska game tape and see how its done. You can’t consistently out-athlete UF, you have pound them into submission. Hopefully, we’ll see some of that in 2010.

    • gatriguy

      That was definitely true under Spurrier, but Florida seems to be more physically and mentally tough under Meyer. I think the best way to beat Florida is to shorten the game and don’t give up anything cheap, which is why Auburn seems to always play Florida tough.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      My point has been, and continues to be, why would you ever give a team as good as FLA an advantage by playing them away every year? Would you want to play Bama or Auburn in B’ham every time? How about UT in Nashville? LSU in New Orleans? Just because we started the WLOCP 50 years ago when FLA was an inferior program to UGA does not mean we should keep on doing the same thing now that FLA is not inferior. We often discuss on this blog that UGA has to play 5 SEC away games every other year and the disadvantage that is for UGA. Some disagree that it is a disadvantage, which is the premise of the Senator’s post above. However, after examining FLA’s past present and future schedules, I realized recently and posted (forgive me for repeating) that we never consider that FLA has to play only 3 SEC away games every other year because (gasp!) they get to use the WLOCP as an AWAY game for themselves in those years. This is an advantage FLA has over every other team in the SEC East. Playing only 3 SEC away games sure beats playing 4 SEC away games. We need to end this travesty. If you want to go to the beach–go. You do not need a football game as a reason. Move the game to the Georgia Dome in alternate years, at minimum. Personally I favor having it at the Dome every year. It’s as much a neutral site as Jax. Municipal Stadium but the Gators wouldn’t go for that because (to their credit) they are not galactically stupid.

      • NCT

        What? So we’re back to distance travelled? Because we have the exact same setup as Florida does. Every other year, either UGA or UF has an away conference game in Jax and three games in opponents’ home stadiums. The other years, either UGA or UF is at home for three conference games and in Jax for a fourth.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          It’s not the distance, it’s the home field thing. That is why there is a thing called “home field advantage” which means, to me at least, that the home team gets the benefit of calls from the refs. Jax. Municipal Stadium is a “home field” for FLA as much as Legion Field is for Bama. We certainly have seen more than our share of that in the last 20 years in Jax. Also, can you really say with a straight face that UGA is ever the “home” team in Jax? Come on.

          • And what do you think they’ve been playing on in compiling Steele’s numbers?

            Keep in mind that Georgia’s home winning percentage under Richt is lower than the road one.

            I hope you’re not suggesting that Georgia’s 2-8 record in Jax this past decade is because of the refs. Good grief.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              If you add in the UGA losses in the WLOCP to UGA’s road losses the last 10 years the “road” winning percentage is 68.6% not 80%. apparently you do not believe the WLOCP is a road game for UGA.

              • I’m saying that it’s irrelevant to the discussion. Any way you look at it, Georgia does great away from Athens, unless it’s playing Florida. For you to insist that that’s a result of playing on Florida’s “home field” begs the question of why that doesn’t affect Georgia’s play against the rest of the college football universe.

                To me, that suggests it’s an opponent issue rather than a location issue.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Let’s play them for 10 years in the Dome and if they win 80% of the games there I’ll agree with you.

                  • Derek

                    I think the point the good Senator is making is that had the game been played in teh Dome since 1990 we still would have had our asses handed to us. His whole point, which you continue to miss, is that WHERE the game has been played IS NOT the issue. The issue is that UF has been better than us. As far as our record being the same vs. common opponents, I’m not so sure that’s true. Our record vs. the East is good but not nearly as good as UF’s since 1990. UF has dominated UT whereas we are under .500 and I know we have more losses vs. USC, UK and Vandy over that period by a not insignificant margin.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Forgive me but I have not had the time to look up all the game records. I remember when we had a 4 game winning streak (and something like 5 or 6 out of 7) against UT not that long ago. We are about even with LSU during the Richt era. UGA is on a winning streak against Auburn right now. We are .500 with Bama I believe since Richt arrived. FLA lost to Ole Miss 2 years ago and Miss State a couple of times during the Crooms era. It’s the SEC. There will be upsets. Has UGA lost to UK and Vandy. Sure, just like FLA lost to the the teams I mentioned and others as well. But against the core best teams in the SEC UGA’s winning % is just about the same as FLA’s during the Richt era. UGA went 8-5 last year. FLA went 8-4 in 2007. Years like that happen. The point is over time UGA wins as much as FLA does against our main rivals. Why then does FLA beat UGA 80% of the time in the last 10 years? It ain’t the teams themselves because we have proven by the record against common opponents that our players/coaches are just as good. UGA has been to the SECCG 3 times in the last 9 years. When we won those 2 SEC Championships but for bad luck we could also have won at least 1 and maybe 2 BCSNCs if not for things breaking the wrong way with other teams and the Dawgs not getting a shot at the big game (I include 2007 in that). There has to be an explanation and I think the venue of the game is it, at least in part. So far today, for all the BS printed on this blog about size of stadiums and how the WLOCP is really a “home” game (in Jacksonville) for UGA every other year, I have not heard or seen anything to dissuade me from that belief.

    • D.N. Nation

      Remember what Georgia did to LSU in the 2005 SECCG? Yeah. With a healthy Shockley, they do that to Florida in Jacksonville.

  3. Lawrence

    Put the game in Atlanta and we would beat you there too. Put it in Athens and we beat you there. My Lord, stop whining about the location. I’ve been there (as have many of you) and the stadium is 50-50. Did you lose by 39 in 2008 with, excuse me, the #1 overall draft pick, the #1 running back taken that year, and most likely AJ Green, the # 1 receiver in this year’s draft? We’ve been the better team most years of this streak and that has nothing to do with the location of the game.

    You know what your head coach needs? An infusion of aggression. I’ve watched one game where you decided “screw it I’m going deep” in 2007 and you whipped us. Someone mentioned Nebraska. You know who else beat the piss out of us? FSU. Their defenses regularly beat up our QB’s. In the 90’s. Richt was there. Bama beat us up last year too. Man up, unleash your talent, and stop whining about the location.

    Clearly I’m a Florida fan. I love the Florida-Georgia game. I love sitting outside the St.Johns every year, the landing, the whole weekend, all of it. The Georgia Dome is a fine stadium except it’s a dome. The tailgating there sucks. Atlanta is a fine city and if there was an open air stadium not located between urban mass and that part of the city, sure, I’d be ok with a rotation.

    Don’t worry, in 20 years, should our fortune change and we’re 3-17 against you, I’ll unleash the same rant on Florida fans. Good luck this season.

    • NCT

      As indicated by the comments, most of us are fine with Jacksonville.

    • MT

      Never will ATL be seriously in the GA-FL rotation picture until we get a major upgrade over the GA Dome. The number of seats available makes it a poor option compared to Jax. Even then, as a South Georgian, I’m a full proponent of keeping the tradition alive along the St Johns.

      It’s also why we haven’t seriously gone after a Chik-fil-a Kickoff game.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        So now the number of seats is what is supposed to decide the game’s location? Well, both Sanford Stadium and the Swamp have over 100,000 seats. Jax. Municipal Stadium (now called EverBank field, I think) has about 76,000 seats. The Georgia dome has about the same. Based on that alone the GA-FLA game should be home and home. I personally do not favor that. I favor Jax in even years, Georgia Dome (or wherever the Falcons play, i.e. new stadium) in odd years.

  4. Russ

    When you play in the same city for the past 60 years with 40,000 fans, it’s hard to consider it an “away” game regardless of where the city is located. There are just as many Georgia fans as Florida fans. It’s not the location.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Apparently I did not make my point about seats clearly enough. Both schools have stadiums that seat substantially more than the current site. If we were deciding the location of the game based only on seating capacity then the game should alternate between campuses. I do not favor that. I am just pointing out that seating capacity is not a legitimate reason to keep the game in Jax as was suggested by an earlier post.

  6. When Dooley asked season ticket holders should the game stay in Jax., my answer was No. That was despite the fact I had attended 39 out of 40 games in Jax, including all but the one under Dooley. We were the ones doing the winning then. As Spurrier said: The Florida Gators are playing Ga. in the “Gator Bowl” in Jacksonville, Florida & there is no reason for us to ever lose there. He was right.

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    My hat’s off to all of you. Good stuff. My youngest son starts at Georgia as a Freshman..Finance major. He was very impressed with everyone’s point of view.
    just sayin’

  8. Mr. Geogia Football Returns

    I thought I already addressed this…….

    Florida has the week off again to prepare for the Georgia game. This started regularly under Spurrier and is continuing. Florida has a very high winning percentage when getting the week off before the Georgia game. At some point “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice” comes into play and it becomes Georgia’s fault. Who’s in charge of preventing this? Who should be doing something about it? Oh yeah……Mark Richt.
    July 14, 2010 11:45 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Spurrier and the gamecocks have schedule an “extra” practice day against Georgia this year too!
    When this happens to Nick Saban, he gets the schedule changed. Isn’t anybody paying attention to this at Georgia? Whose in charge of this? ……Oh yeah…Mark Richt!

    • Florida has the week off again to prepare for the Georgia game. This started regularly under Spurrier and is continuing.

      The schools have begun alternating the off week. Georgia had it last year. That worked out well, don’t you think?

      • AthensHomerDawg

        We had a week off as well for that HS offense in 2008 that the Nerd Herd brought to town……….

    • Unthinking Bulldog

      The above link leads to one of the stupidest, inane, mindless posts I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Can anyone actually be that shallow and still be a Georgia football fan? Plus, he misappropriates the name of a UGA icon, RPS, who I feel sure would puke at reading this drivel. Is the author really a Tech fan in disguise? This sounds exactly like something a Yechie would write. I think I lost 100,000 brain cells reading it and feel the need of an immediate shower. Pardon me while I print the post out so I can use it to wipe my ass after my next bowel movement.

  9. Mike

    I love these “Georgia is at a disadvantage in Jacksonville” threads.

    • Dooley's Wig

      The Jax venue was not an impediment before.

      Maybe we just should keep changing venues.

      Screw coaching and execution.

    • Macallanlover

      You should. With fans like The Mayor, a small, but vocal, minority of our fans spout this nonsense. Some of our team may even believe it since adults, who should know better, want to whine about the location. It is a neutral site, with equal allocation of tickets, and favors neither team. UGA makes more money this way, the fanbase supports it, and we just as much aq chance of winning. And we did for many years. Don’t think the whining represents many folks, or means we aren’t likely to clock you this season simply because we may be the better team, and prepare to win. This game wil continue to be played in Jax, and it should be.