Somebody to root for

We’re all hoping for the best for Trinton Sturdivant this season, but for my money, here’s this year’s forgotten Dawg:

Injuries and Quintin Banks have been near constant companions at Georgia the last couple of years, so it’s understandable if the fifth-year senior safety might get confused when he’s talking about them.

“My last injury was a PCL injury,” Banks said. “No. I’m sorry. I’ve had so many. It was a meniscus injury to my right knee.”

How sad is that?


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7 responses to “Somebody to root for

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    “Injuries are part of the game, but sometimes we can avoid them by just practicing our techniques.”
    Troy Vincent .
    There is a lot to appreciate about our new D back coach.


  2. fetch

    Best of luck to a DGD! Hoping for a big season for him.


  3. zdawg

    Good luck this season to Mr. Banks.


  4. JC in Powder Springs

    Of course, we all would love for Q to turn it around this season. Certainly hope it works out for him. Perhaps he could get a medical RS for next year too, so at least he can continue his education while he works his way back. A masters degree on-the-house would be a small payback for his dedication to the team.


  5. I believe that he will be able to play & be a contributor on the field this year. The depth at DB will be a major factor this year.


  6. I thought Banks played great against Tech! Hope he can contribute in a meaningful way this year.


  7. dudetheplayer

    Q. Banks is a DGD.