Maybe they think Jacksonville is in south Athens.

In the past decade, only one D-1 football teamone! – had a better away record than that in its own stadium.


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  1. UFTimmy

    That’s a flawed metric, imo. The teams that top the list routinely go on the road to be sacrificial lambs. Of course they’re going to perform much better at home.

    I’d like to see that breakdown for conference games only, since you’ll have more balance between the strength of teams coming to your place and the ones you play on the road.

    • Steele takes note of that:

      I would expect the majority of the top 25 to be made up of non BCS schools who must take on the big boys away from home in money games.

      Still, Georgia sports an 81.40% winning percentage away. The D-1 average is 39.7%. So what’s your point?

      • rbubp

        This much is obvious: the road record is pretty astounding when you consider that no turkeys are ever played on the road…that 80% is against GOOD teams.

      • UFTimmy

        My first post was no disrespect to Georgia. Obviously your road record is amazing.

        Just that I’d like to see the same numbers for conference games only. Not because it would affect your road record at all, just because I think it would be a more true measure.

  2. WFdawg

    Arkansas’ place on that list is pretty interesting, don’t you think? The numbers suggest we dodged the bigger bullet last year by winning on the road. Here’s hoping they lay a collossal egg in Athens this year in the name of statistical consistency.

  3. Mr. Georgia Football Returns


    You won’t see Senator Blutarsky or any of the Richt Apologists use SEC Stats, it would be too revealing.

    How about these numbers Georgia posted last year under Mark Richt:

    201.2 80th Overall
    161.0 47th Overall
    28.9 51st Overall
    25.9 64th Overall

    • If you are going statistical, use the entire 9 year tenure of CMR. No apologies from this Dawg fan who goes back to Coach Butts. CMR is doing extremely well, thank you very much.

    • Hackerdog

      Don’t forget this SEC stat:
      29.3 1st

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The analysis is flawed. When you include the WLOCP the “away” record for UGA in the last 10 years is 68.6%. Do the math.

    • Bunch

      What’s “flawed” in providing a W-L record for road games to answer the question of “who’s got a better W-L record this decade on the road versus home? You saying neutral site games are road games? For whom, just one team or both? FWIW, the Gators’ decade record in bowl games – all neutral site obviously – is 5-5. Throw in the SECCG and they’re 7-6. The Dawgs’ is 8-2 and 10-3 with the SECCG thrown in.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I exclude postseason such as the SECCG and bowl games which is a different category, specifically “bowls.” But for the regular season, if it is not played in Sanford Stadium it is an “away” game for UGA. Likewise, for other teams not playing in their own stadiums. Theoretically the WLOCP could be considered by some to be an away game for FLA under that model but we all know it is really a home game for the Gators. No less an authority than Steve Spurrier said so in 1089. It is the same thing as playing Bama in Birmingham.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          1989. Please excuse the typo.

        • But for the regular season, if it is not played in Sanford Stadium it is an “away” game for UGA. Likewise, for other teams not playing in their own stadiums. Theoretically the WLOCP could be considered by some to be an away game for FLA under that model but we all know it is really a home game for the Gators.

          So is your first statement there true, or your second? Because they both can’t be right.

          It really doesn’t matter, though. Call Jax a road game for Georgia, if it makes you happy. That still doesn’t explain why Georgia only wins 20% of the time there, given its overall level of success on the road. The question you haven’t addressed is why Georgia loses at such at greater rate there than it does in opponents’ stadiums or bowl games.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Senator, what you are saying actually supports my premise. What percentage do you think UGA would win against Bama if every UGA-Bama game was played in Birmingham? Same for playing LSU in New Orleans every game. FLA is a really good team that is going to win its share on its own without any built in advantage. It is when UGA is better and still loses that tilts the record. Dudetheplayer had it right in a post the other day. UGA was better than FLA in 2002, 2003 and 2005 but still lost the game. If UGA won those games the Dawgs would be 5-4 against FLA during the Richt era. You can look at the individual games with a microscope and say it was because Shockley was hurt (2005) or an interception was thrown at a crucial tome (2002) but when looking in the aggregate you begin to see a patten (as you are fond of saying). UGA used to have a program that was superior to FLA, could give FLA home field and still beat them regularly. Not so anymore. We need to stop giving them home field advantage and see if that stops the slide. I fully acknowledge that I do not really know that such a change would make a difference. However, I do know one thing: You do not know that it won’t. I respect the fact that others may have a different view on this, however I would be remiss if I did not point out that there are those who pretend to have a different view because (a) they are FLA fans , feel what I am saying is correct, but want to continue the advantage that their team enjoys, so they argue (pretentiously) that anyone who points out that the Emperor has no clothes is FOS; and (b) there are also UGA fans who have so much invested, financially (i.e. condos on Amelia Island,etc.) and psychologically (years of having annual get-togethers with long time college buddies at Ponte Vedra, etc.) that it warps their judgment on this issue. Every 10 year old kid knows that there is such a thing as home field advantage. The entire NFL regular season is played to get into the playoffs and get home field advantage. Have we all had frontal lobotomies? Just ask yourself this question: If we proposed to UT that UGA play them annually at the GA Dome (the Georgia-Tennessee line is only about 100 miles from the Dome and it’s a neutral site, plus all those people in Chattanooga, Memphis and Western Tennessee would be closer to the game that way) what would you think the answer would be? What would your answer be if you were the President of UT? Why? (Be honest with yourself, at least.) The FLA people have been pissing on us and calling it rain for so long that some of our own people now believe that BS. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Wake up.

            • The last two times Georgia played at Alabama, Georgia won.

              As for this – “I fully acknowledge that I do not really know that such a change would make a difference. However, I do know one thing: You do not know that it won’t.” – the difference here is that I’m not the one arguing for a change. You are. It seems to me that the burden should be on your side to make a case that justifies a move. To date, I haven’t heard anything more convincing from you than that. And that’s not an argument; it’s just a hope.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                So is the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, clear and convincing evidence, preponderance of the evidence or some other standard? I think I meet the preponderance standard but I admit that I an short of beyond a reasonable doubt.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  P.S. I did not get an answer from you regarding my UT hypothetical. Please pretend to be a UT fan (if you can dumb yourself down that much) and give me an honest answer to my proposal to play UT at the Dome each year along with your reasoning.

                  • Same response I have as a Georgia fan about Jax: why would I want to change the status quo?

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      So your response is simply an unthinking “keep on doing it because we always have done it that way” mantra?

                    • Quite the opposite.

                      Mayor, your argument boils down to this: if Georgia would do X, it would improve its winning percentage against Florida by Y. In your case, we know what “X” is, but you haven’t offered any serious evidence as to what “Y” would be. I see no purpose in disrupting an almost 80-year tradition for no gain.

                      As for your hypothesis, were I a Tennessee fan, if you could prove to me that a move to the Dome would result in more wins for the Vols, I’d be all for it. If you couldn’t, I’d tell you to forget it.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      And your hypothetical UT response, Senator, is exactly why the FLA people want to play the WLOCP in Jacksonville–they win more games because it is played there.

                    • … they win more games because it is played there.

                      Prove it.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      The proof is that the FLA fans think so–that is why they want the game in Jacksonville so much.

                    • So do Georgia fans. I’m not sure what that proves, exactly.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    The Georgia fans who want it in Jacksonville want it there for reasons other than getting an advantage (or even a level playing field) for their team. They want it there for their own personal reasons (i.e. cocktail parties, golf, going to the beach, seeing old friends, etc.) having nothing to do with UGA winning. That is what I admire about Bama. Their fans put winning above all else. Witness the date change for the Ga. State-Bama game (so Bama will have more time to get ready for Auburn). Like’em or hate’em you’ve got to admire the commitment.

    • Mike

      Yea but, Florida has a built in advantage at the WLOCP, right?

      UGA SHOULD be expected to perform better at other rival stadiums than they do in Jacksonville, right?

      Because after all, Florida has to only travel 90 miles while UGA has to travel over 300. And it is hotter in Jacksonville in October than it is in Athens. And Jacksonville is in the state of Florida and so is Gainesville.

      None of the above applies when UGA goes on the “real”road.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You misconstrue. I am saying treat the WLOCP as a road game for UGA just like any other regular season game not played at Sanford Stadium. That gives a truer picture of wins and losses in away games. You cannot simply ignore the results and say “look how great UGA is on the road” when it has lost 8 of the last 10 in this away game. That distorts reality. If one defines away every category where the team loses then of course it will appear that they always win.

        • Dawgwalker07

          But you can exclude postseason play, and that doesn’t distort reality?

          • Dawgwalker07

            Let me be more clear:

            I understand that postseason could be classified as “bowls” which would be a distinct category separate from “the regular season,” but if that’s the case then why is there such a big fuss about the difference between “neutral sites” and “true road games”?

            The SECCG and bowl games are still football games played away from a team’s home stadium, regardless of the time of year, making them road games under your definition of a road game.

            If you’re going to make a distinction between bowl games and the regular season, I don’t understand the problem with road and neutral site game distinctions.

            And, if you’re going to say that not including UGA’s record against Florida in the road game category distorts reality because they’re football games played away from our home stadium, then how can you say that bowl games can fairly be excluded since they are football games played away from our home stadium that are factored into a coach’s win-loss record? Does that not also distort the reality of how a football team plays on the road?

        • Kevin

          Yeah but we are the HOME team in that match up every other year. Even so, I think both wins were such that one was home and one was away. Therefore, the winning % is either 20% or 25% over the last 9 years, depending on how it flip flopped.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Kevin, the “home” designation for UGA every other year is hogwash. It’s really an away game for UGA every year no matter what the designation is.

  5. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    Mark Richt has’nt won the first championship since Brian Van Gorder, the defensive coordinator left the program.

    • Except for 2005, of course.

      • sUGArdaddy

        And don’t forget that little Sugar Bowl trophy in 2007 w/o BVG. We went to exactly one Sugar Bowl w/ BVG and two w/o him. He was a great DC, but we’ve got a great coach who has this thing figured out.

        Florida’s had a great run, which explains more of their dominance in Jax than anything else, and it’s taken us a decade to get the Goff vs. Spurrier demons out of our system. CMR will get us on the right path this year. We just finished a 4 year stint vs. them in which they went 43-5 in the regular season, won 2 MNCs & SEC titles, played in 3 SECCGs, had a Heisman Trophy winner & 3-time All American at QB and first rounder after first rounder on defense. It’ll all even out.

      • Mayor Of Dawgtown

        And in 1977 tied for the SEC East title losing the tiebreak, yet still finishing the season ranked #2 in the nation.

  6. Reptillicide

    Timmy, I may have asked this before, but why the hell are you here? No good gator blogs?

    • Russ

      He’s one of the reasonable gator fans. Always good to have counterpoints for a decent discussion. Otherwise we just have Mr. Negative to debate.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I would put the same question to mike. Why are you here instead of on a Gator blog? You, on the other hand from UF Timmy, only show up to post thinly veiled insults about the Dawgs and UGA fans and add nothing worthwhile to the discussion.

        • Mike

          Because I like the good Senator’s Blog. And I happen to like and respect Richt. And it is fun reading the tortured logic of those that insist that Florida has a decided advantage in Jacksonville.

          There are several very good Florida football blogs. Saurian Sagacity and Orange and Blue Hue to name two. But they are not very active in the off season.

          You know Mayor, there are people that like to read different perspective on a topic.

          Since the topic here is mostly college football, reading what the good Senator thinks is enlightening.