Been around the block

Shorter Mark Bradley:  Al Groh is so old, he makes banal coachspeak sound profound to me.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    He has a name I recognize, so he must be a brilliant coach.

    Best part of the article? When he asks that arrogant prick Paul Johnson about how their relationship’s working out so far. “Working out fine for me”, he apparently said with a smirk. Yeah, coach, you definitely didn’t have a lot of skin-of-your-teeth victories last year, including almost giving away a 21 (28?) point lead to Clemson at home, then watch your defense give up march after march down the field in the ACCCG, and oh yeah, 390 rushing yards to Georgia, was it? I don’t remember numbers that large.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Said Groh: “The No. 1 objective of every defense as it measures itself statistically is points allowed [……….etc…..snore…..etc.] That is the No. 1 reason, apart from getting the ball back for your team, we play defense.”

    Then Groh, forgetting where he was, thinking that he had been parachuted as a swaddling baby boy onto Juno Beach, looked around trying to reconnoiter where die Wehrmacht was but then realizing there were none on the Tech campus except in the Engineering Department, bit off one of his few remaining fingers and triaged himself.

    Yet later in the hard-hitting interview, some control freaks were called “crusty enough to be crustaceans, you can probably handle Johnson. Indeed, when asked how his partnership with Groh was evolving, PJ smirked a PJ smirk and said: “Going fine for me.”

    Then Groh, mistakenly thinking the classic CPJ smirk, which Groh interpreted as body language bad medicine, was directed at Groh, tried to bite off one of CPJ’s fingers momentarily distracting CPJ who ended up instead being smacked in the face with a very very slow left hook from Groh, but with all ten fingers present and accounted for, as the interview slowly ended.


  3. Lemme get this straight. Now I’m supposed to fear Al Groh? The Al Groh?