Mumme Poll 2010 update

To answer the most obvious question first:  yes, the Mumme Poll will be back in all its glory this season.

And the second question:  yes, GTP will again partner with 3rd Saturday in Blogtober to bring it to you.

However, we do have a few tweaks and changes in mind, some based on what we want to do with the MP, some based on your feedback.  We’ll have more details and information as we get closer to Week Six, but in the meantime here are a few things to be aware of.

  1. Signup. I’ve had this question a few times.  Everyone who wants to cast a ballot this season will need to register to do so.  It doesn’t matter whether you were a 2009 participant.  Once Tidefan has the site ready for that, we’ll let you know.
  2. Fairer voting. By far, the greatest number of comments we received from folks was what to do about ballots with glaring omissions.  As I mentioned to some of you, we weren’t set up to track omissions, short of reviewing every ballot one by one.  Neither Tidefan nor I have that much time on our hands, quite frankly.  This year should fare better, though.  Tidefan has made some major upgrades to the site.  All ballots will be accessible for review by you.  We’re also going to institute some sort of rating system that will allow you to downgrade voters for posting questionable ballots.  Details are forthcoming, but it’s our hope that this will clean up the truly egregious misbehavior.
  3. Revised ballot format. I’m aware that this will likely generate some controversy, but we’ve decided to simplify the vote by going from the previous twelve team total/five team tiebreaker format to a ten team total/one team tiebreaker format.  My reasoning about this is pretty straightforward.  The primary purpose behind the Mumme Poll is to find ways to address the perceived flaws of the Coaches Poll – the appearance of bias and conflicts of interest, as well as the general perception that the coaches themselves rarely prepare their ballots.  The format change results in a purer form of approval voting.  It should also be even easier and quicker to compile, which would encourage direct participation by coaches (if it ever got that far, of course) which in turn would enhance the poll’s credibility.  The objections I would expect to hear about this are the greater chances for ties and the fewer teams that may appear in the final results, but Tidefan’s review of last season’s ballots leads us to think that the anticipated level of participation makes those very minor issues, if issues at all.  (And if I’m wrong about that, there’s always next year’s tweak.)

We are excited about hosting another Mumme Poll.  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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