“Tell me about the quarterback. I’m worried about the quarterback.”

We’ll always have Munson.

He’s right about Columbia, by the way.


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6 responses to ““Tell me about the quarterback. I’m worried about the quarterback.”

  1. Ben

    I’ve never been to a game in Columbia, but I really can’t imagine a place hotter than Columbia, SC on a blistering September afternoon.


  2. Chuck

    “If Murray can be like Greene, maybe we got a shot.”


  3. Bill M.

    Damn straight he’s right about Columbia. Hottest game I’ve ever been to in my life back in 08. I was drenched in sweat, head to toe. I will not be going to that game and dont feel bad about it at all.


  4. I had to leave a game in columbia at the half because 2 of the people with us were suffering badly from the heat. A lot of EMT’s were working on heat stroke victims as we were leaving. It had to be brutal on the field because it was in the stands.


  5. Macallanlover

    Great to have TB do an article with Larry, brings back so many wonderful memories.

    The only disturbing part of the story was hearing that CTG has not been over to Larry’s house to meet him. I love his “dawginess”, but can you really be a Dawg if you haven’t taken the opportunity to sit down with Larry? CMR or VD should make this happen.


  6. The 2008 game in Columbia is the hottest game I’ve also ever attended. I like to say Columbia is the only city I’ve ever been to where they don’t like trees/shade. It’s just dust, asphalt, and gravel…with their stadium in the middle of old factory grounds. Boo!