“It’s hard to hide whatever your reputation is.”

If you get the impression that Steve Spurrier isn’t happy about one of his players being dragged into the Marvin Austin-Gary Wichard mess, you’d be right.

It’s safe to say that UNC assistant coach John Blake isn’t on the OBC’s invite list to play Augusta with him.  Click on the link if you want the audio (via Chuck Oliver):

Spurrier on Blake


UPDATE: Maybe this explains some of Spurrier’s attitude.



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7 responses to ““It’s hard to hide whatever your reputation is.”

  1. Macallanlover

    Steve is not a member of Augusta National. I would like to see a game this year between SC and UNC, but since the Cocks don’t have the horses to run up the score anyway, it is probably just as well. The LSU/UNC opener should be very entertaining though, one of the two best matchups of September’s first weekend.


    • I never said he was. But he does play there on occasion.


      • Mike

        I think Holtz has a membership and allows Steve to play as his guest anytime. One of the big boosters for USCe is also a member. I imagine Spurrier might be able to play as his guest too


        • Former Augusta National Chairman Hootie “not at the point of a bayonet” Johnson is a USC alum. I thought he was a big part of getting Spurrier to USC by offering him a membership. I could be wrong on that second part though, but he is most definitely a USC alum.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You will recall that CSS has a real thing for golf. Scuttlebutt at the time that South Carolina hired CSS as HC was that certain assurances were made by Hootie Johnson, a former South Carolina player and then Chairman of the Augusta National, to CSS re:membership. Plus, Holtz is also member. The Augusta National is only 60 miles from Columbia and Interstate 20 goes all the way virtually door to door. Tempting little incentive.


      • NRBQ

        We have no photographic evidence that he plays here, only that he pisses among the azaleas and pines occasionally.


  2. Macallanlover

    Much ado about nothing. CFB fans ran wild with the speculation that SOS came to SC at a relatively low salary based partly on a promise of a membership at Augusta National from Hootie. I spent a full day with Spurrier after he was hired in Columbia and he told me not only was he not a member, but Holtz had only had him as a guest once, and that was with their two sons along. This was all purely, and typical, internet rumor spreading by fans without any foundation.

    Yes, SOS loves golf, and anyone would be thrilled at membership at Augusta, but he isn’t a member and it was never part of the deal. I wish he were, I haven’t played there in many years and might be able to hit him up for an invite. And Senator, guests cannot extend invitations to something that isn’t theirs to give/offer. I have a pretty close relationship with a former Masters champion. As a former champion he has a Green Jacket, and can play there whenever he likes, but even he cannot invite me as a guest because he is not a member (just has playing privileges); another member has to play with us for us to play the course.