Some things aren’t meant to look good in 3-D.

Hairy Dawg’s got this right:


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5 responses to “Some things aren’t meant to look good in 3-D.

  1. Keith

    Has anybody bought a 3D TV yet? If so, what is your feedback?


    • 202Dawg

      Go to Best Buy and try one of theirs out. I think they’re cool but for me the problem will be lack of available 3D programming for a while (kind of like when HD started).


  2. 69Dawg

    I went and I tried it but it was not as sharp as HD to me. Even with the glasses there was still ghosts (multiple images).


  3. Russ

    According to Wired Magazine, one of the best reasons to get a 3D TV is to show your friends that you once had $10k.