Given this summer’s weather, this actually makes sense.

Spencer Hall explains the “hot seat” meme.

… Georgia’s Mark Richt will continue to heat up his scorching hot seat by winning 10 games on the year. In Georgia, “hot” means “comfortably cool,” a confusion leading to many assuming the frigid city of Atlanta is in fact “hot.” This could not be further from the truth! Show up for summer visits in heavy wool. You won’t regret it.



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6 responses to “Given this summer’s weather, this actually makes sense.

  1. Positive ?

    I liked this one further down on the list

    ” Georgia WR AJ Green will continue to have better production than Alabama WR Julio Jones despite having Joe Cox and redshirt freshman Aaron Murray throwing to him in successive seasons. Direct all hatemail to Your Mom’s House, Alabama fans, since that’s where I will be. “


  2. watcher16

    My favorite:

    95. Les Miles will microwave popcorn in his office. The instructions will say two and a half minutes. Les Miles will rely on his gut to tell him when it’s done.

    94. Les Miles is going to be eating some burnt popcorn, and will blame Jordan Jefferson while he does it.


  3. Gen. Stoopnagle

    When I read his Ole Miss/Masoli comments I could only think:



  4. Zdawg

    “77. West Virginia running back Noel Devine is a joy to watch, and is especially cute when between plays he flutters over to his feeder full of sugar water and refuels for his next carry.”