You serious about that?

One shortcoming about blogging is that it’s hard to convey the proper range of sarcasm and parody sometimes.  So when I read this piece today from Andy Staples and Stewart Mandel in which they predict ten trends in college football over the next decade, I wasn’t sure if they were being entirely serious.

You see, tucked in among such cutting edge calls like “New star coaches will emerge” (gosh, when’s the last decade that happened) and “Football will become an ever hotter TV commodity” is this:

UCLA and Tennessee: The USC and Florida of the ’10s?

Now that is edgy.  They’ve caught something in Knoxville that only the most rabid Vol fan and Mike Hamilton know about, right?  And – get ready – here it is:

… Tennessee’s big break, however, will come a few years down the road when Florida coach Urban Meyer prematurely retires (again) and Alabama’s Nick Saban returns to the NFL (again).

Unlike every other team in the conference, I guess.

I can see why they co-authored this.  Each can blame the other for that bit of insight.



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19 responses to “You serious about that?

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If Urban Meyer and Nick Satan…er…Saban both leave and CMR doesn’t (heaven forbid he would) the clear beneficiary would be UGA.


  2. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Mayor, You beat me to it, although my comment is:

    Clearly, Tennessee is the team best positioned for the top spot if Bamer or Florida slip.


  3. Objective Bama Fan

    Saban will not leave Bama for the NFL. His next stop is Lake Burton after five more years.


  4. Zdawg

    You see, its all part of the Laners master plan.


  5. Mike

    When Spurrier left Florida, the Vol and Dog world thought they would be the beneficiaries of the void. It many ways, things did not quite work out that way.


    • dudetheplayer

      Actually, we did quite well for ourselves from 2002-2005.


      • Mike

        Bringing up UGA’s SEC success during that period is a very good point. Notwithstanding the continued dominance of Florida in the head-to-head series

        Not sure it applies anymore, unless Urban has more health problems?


    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      The dog would have been on top of the world if it weren’t for a losing record vs the Zooker.


  6. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    You Mark Richt Apologists are such wusses. You want Urban Meyer and Nick Saban to leave their jobs and go elsewhere so that you will make it easier for Mark Richt to win.
    The Richt Aplogists would shoot fish out of a barrel because its “easy”.
    Whatever happened to playing “up ” to the competition?
    Well how would you like your job today? Can we get Urban Meyer and Nick Saban to quit for you? How would you like your job?$2.8 million not enough? Let’s create an inner state league so Georgia can win all the time…….yippee! That would be easy for Coach Richt.


    • Ray



    • JasonC

      Why don’t you learn to read?! No one said this is what they wanted to happen. They said IF this happens, Georgia should benefit more than Tennessee.
      Richt and Georgia should always be trying to reach the top whether Saban and Meyer are here or not and every Dog fan would agree to that.
      Take your crap to the AJC or Finebaum show with the other clowns.


  7. Typical talk the talk with no sense and worth.


  8. 81Dog

    this reminds me of something stupid Reggie Miller once said after he had a good night against the Bulls in about 1990 or 91: “Air versus Hollywood! It’s the rivalry of the 90s!” Genius.

    Let’s see: Tennessee has a program in disarray, limited talent, a limited recruiting base at home, and a coach who more or less got his ass handed to him at Lousiana Tech. Naturally, they’re the team on the rise. I wonder what the people of Montana think about this prediction? Did they make it by spreading bird seed on a list of D1 teams and selecting the first two from which a bird pecked the seed?

    I guess it could be worse. They could have picked South Carolina. Because, you know, Spurrier is really going to take them to the next level…..eventually. And by eventually, I mean “before the sun expands and consumes the solar system.” And not necessarily in this universe we inhabit, but in some multi-verse someplace. Although, come to think of it, I am not sure even quantum physics could come up with a theory that would explain South Carolina as a perennial power, frequent SEC football champ, and winner of national titles.

    Good work, boys. Who says sniffing glue detrimentally affects one’s reasoning and writing skills?


  9. Dante

    They forgot the fine print: UCLA and Tennessee: The USC* and Florida** of the ’10s?

    * Specifically, UCLA will be a mirror image of the USC teams Paul Hackett coached from 1998 to 2000.

    ** Tennessee will have every bit as much talent as Florida’s 1943 squad.


  10. Phocion

    So which one builds their ‘dynasty’ by cheating like crazy and relying on the NCAA to look the other way for as long as possible?