“It’s not a bad thing.”

Les Miles is so FOS about this ex post facto grayshirting debacle with Elliott Porter that you wonder why he decided to open his mouth about it in the first place.

Such as:

… He noted that Porter’s scholarship offer was still good, just postponed a semester. He said if somebody made the same offer to one of his sons, they would “certainly be disappointed that day, but recognize that, long-term, it’s not a bad thing.”

Miles said grayshirting can benefit players who could use time to allow their bodies to mature.

“He might take his time to come in shape and to benefit his body and compete,” he said.

All of which might have come off a bit more convincing if Miles had asked Porter to grayshirt before he moved into his dorm room.  Besides, I thought that’s what a redshirt is for.  Maybe ol’ Les’ problem is that he’s colorblind.


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4 responses to ““It’s not a bad thing.”

  1. I like the implication that Porter can do a better job of getting himself physically ready away, alone, rather than under the close supervision of LSU’s S&C staff.


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  3. He did say he had mentioned it to Porter 2 months earlier. People are obviously going to take that for what it’s worth though.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Miles can grayshirt Porter then redshirt him, too giving his body even more time to mature.