“Run Lindsay!”

Any book that delves into Gator pain is going to be worth a look.

Of course, I welcome any excuse to post this:


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  1. jw

    And we welcome any excuse to see it!!


  2. travis fain

    My thanks for getting it right in the post hed. It’s one of Georgia football lore’s little oddities that everyone thinks Munson said Run Lindsay, Run!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Every single time I see this, I think 49’s going to make the tackle. And every single time I see this, I can’t believe that he doesn’t make the tackle. I bet that dude replayed this in his mind a time or two.


    • DawgBiscuit

      It wasn’t hard for Lindsay to see and avoid the defense when they were all wearing those hideous traffic-directing orange jerseys.


  4. Chuck

    It was a great Bulldog day all around. My dad, the Gator grad, called me just before the play to gloat about how they had “gotten” us this year. (Recall those were days when UGA was dominant in the series.) All I could say at the time was “the game’s not over yet”. Few minutes later, Run Lindsay Run. Prudently waiting for the final 1:03 to tick off, I called my dad back, but the line was busy. 20 minutes later, still busy. Several hours later the phone rang and my mother picked it up and just said “Not yet”.

    In Florida, my uncle – also a Gator grad – walked out to his pool area, stood thinking for a few minutes, smoked a cigarette, and then threw two custom made Gator pool chairs into his pool. Good times.

    My favorite all-time play in the series is still Appleby to Washington. I know it didn’t have anything to do with us winning a MNC, but I think it kept UF from winning the SEC, and it was a planned play, like the pass to Verron Haynes at UT. Hopefully, I will have a new favorite this year.


  5. UFTimmy

    You are a bad bad man.


  6. JaxDawg

    I hate Florida and make no bones about it. I enjoyed them as much when they sucked as I do now b/c they always thought they were hot shit, even with a 6-5 team.

    They talked as much shit in 1978 as they do today, although they felt they needed to emulate Spurrier during his years so they were worse then.

    Although alot of my good friends are Gators (and are good people), seeing them stew and grind their teeth after a lose is extremely pleasing. They now think that it’s their birthright to win every game.


  7. Mike

    The year before my first year of grad school. Very, very painful.

    Of course, it be all that UGA got now. Well, other than JORTS!


  8. Seriously

    Of course, any excuse to live in the past is welcome as the present and future are so grim for UGA football.


    • As long as it keeps hurting. It could be worse. 😉


      • Mike

        17-3, TIME-OUT, ZOOK, so THERE!


        • I presume you were at the ’80 game. How did you feel when it happened?

          Trust me, there’s never been a moment in thirty years in Jax when I’ve felt that deflated.


          • Seriously

            I watched the ’80 game on TV. It was certainly deflating for me.


          • Mike

            I was there. And no, I do not think any of the games the last 20 years have been as devastating, from the Goeriga perspective. I was crushed. It was that game among a few others that codified my feelings toward Georgia football.

            The closest UGA fans had to the Scott game was the 1993 game. In the closing seconds of that game, Zier was driving for the tying TD. He threw a pass for a TD, only to have it called back because the Florida DB (Lott?) called a time out, right before the ball was snapped.

            On the very next play, Zier’s pass fell incomplete as time expired. But wait! Florida was called (incorrectly) for pass interference.

            So UGA gets yet another shot.



            • That sucked, no doubt. But the stakes weren’t as high and the outcome not as improbable.

              Face it: if you asked one of Stewart Mandel’s faceless Montanans to name a specific game from the series, ’80 would be the one. It’s immortal.


              • Mike

                No doubt. As painful as that was in 1980 for Florida fans, time has a way of healing all wounds.

                Well, that and the fact that Florida has won a bunch of SEC Titles since then, as well as a few national titles. I no longer think of that day as Florida blowing the one great chance to finally win a SEC Title.

                Mostly the latter, if I am being honest.

                Watching that now is less painful and more…more rolling of the eyes and thinking “dang, here we go, they are showing that damn thing again.” But it does not illicit nearly the emotional impact as it did even as recently as 10 years ago.

                From the UGA perspective, it might be a bit similar to another thread above this one, about the Tebow worship. You just get tired of it.


    • gatriguy

      Right, UGA’s future is certainly bleak.


  9. 69Dawg

    The single greatest football moment of my life and also the wettest. As Lindsey broke open and was out running the Gators a UGA fan in back of me threw his large stadium cup of bourbon into the air and all of us. We were covered in bourbon, but I am please to state I could have cared less I was screaming so hard I thought I would stroke.