Kiffin watch: because I got high.

Remember Dillon Baxter’s bizarre accusation that coaches all over the country had contacted him about jumping ship from Southern Cal?  The one that then-AD Mike Garrett had to retract with apologies?

Maybe it was all a drug-induced hallucination.

… The Times, though, has unearthed another potential reason behind the suspension.

Late Tuesday night, The Times asked Kiffin if Baxter’s punishment was related to a USC Department of Public Safety incident report filed at 2:47 a.m. Tuesday. It indicates that officers were at Fluor Tower, where USC players are housed for the first few weeks of training camp, when an incident occurred.

“A student was cited to Judicial Affairs for violating a team curfew and being under the influence of a controlled substance,” the report said. Neither Baxter nor any other player is named in the report.

While Kiffin and other school officials declined to comment on the record regarding the incident, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Times that Baxter was the individual in question and the substance was marijuana.

Must be some good shit.



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5 responses to “Kiffin watch: because I got high.

  1. RedCrake

    So USC has a “Department of Public Safety” that leaves the names of football players out of reports of illegal activity.

    Gee, that must be nice.


  2. Baxter is looking forward to playing in Boulder.


  3. Coincidentally, (if a little hilariously) your click ad happened to be for just now.


  4. Spy's eyes

    I thought so too, CDTT. Correct me if I am wrong Senator, but I presume that your click ads are automatically tailored to the content of the various postings….for instance, there were numerous DUI attorney ads that appeared on the site during the Damongate coverage in July. It does makes for some irony on occassion.


  5. You know this is very ironic. Pretty much explains all.