Journalism and the McGarity presser

So we got this here press conference scheduled today at 4 PM, presumably to introduce Greg McGarity to an adoring Dawgnation, and all I can find myself wondering is two things:

  • what’s the over/under on how many questions go by before McGarity is asked if Mark Richt is on a hot seat?
  • will anyone have the good taste to ask McGarity what he thinks about Evans’ personal problems?

Bonus points if anyone actually mentions red panties.  Don’t scoff – if Clay Travis were there, that question would be so asked


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20 responses to “Journalism and the McGarity presser

  1. joe

    Nah, the entire presser will be about what a better man and father he became since being the the orbit of Timmy Tebow for over 5 minutes.


  2. JaxDawg

    Although this is something that a head coach should address, I would absolutely love it if Mr. McGarity would verbally recognize the importance of reestablishing our WLOCP dominance.

    Aside from the obvious reasons we need to begin winning that game more often than not, it has long been an albatross around our collective football necks. It is *past* time we started making that game very high priority and if he wants to endear himself to the fanbase, this would be an excellent start.


    • Dominance? Hell, I’d settle for parity right now.

      For that matter, 40/60 mediocrity would be an improvement.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If UGA had won the games where the Dawgs had the better team (2002, 2003, 2005) Richt would be 5-4 with FLA.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I’ve always been somewhat mystified about this attitude that some fans have that Georgia hasn’t had the Florida game as a priority all along. Certainly when Tennessee fell off, but even before that, Florida’s been the biggest power in the division. I don’t think it takes a big leap to figure out that if you want to compete for titles, they’re the school you have to compete with.

      The simple fact is, they’ve been kicking our ass. It’s not like if we all of a sudden decided we were sick of it, it would change. Georgia just has to go down there and not get scared when they see those ugly orange helmets. We’ve had better teams than Florida in some of these years where we’ve lost to them, but we go down there and start thinking about the streak, and someone’s sphincter gets tight, and they make a boneheaded play. I think one of the best examples of that is 2002. When teams are closely matched, it’s the guy that blinks first who loses. We seem to blink a lot down there. But it’s not because Butts-Mehre doesn’t put a high priority on beating Florida.

      Perhaps you refer to the fact that we haven’t fired Mark Richt because he has only beaten them twice? I think the arguments against being that stupid have been documented well enough elsewhere that we don’t need to address them here.

      McGarity will have the opportunity to do some good things at Georgia, but nothing he can do will beat the Florida Gator football team. That’s done by the coaches, and mostly by the players. If anything, I think putting a little less emphasis on the recent history of that game will probably do some wonders for our guys.


      • I’m also hoping that the coaching staff changes will have a positive effect on that mindset.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The Athletic Department being on the same page as the head coach and the coaching staff about all things football, including scheduling, would be a big plus, too. That has not always been the case in the last few years.


      • JaxDawg

        Go Dawgs,
        It starts with leadership and the AD is *the* leader of the athletic dept. I prefaced my post by saying that it’s the head coaches job to address, but having a GA boy with the f*cking balls to say “enough is enough” wouldn’t hurt.

        Give these young Dawgs the right attitude and leader, and they will NOT be scared of anyone. History with FL be damned.

        Regardless if it’s McGarity or Richt, confronting this damn game and attacking the problem is a solid strategy.

        God knows nothing else has worked for 20 years.


    • 69Dawg

      The UGA/UF game is the biggest choke contest since “Deep Throat”. You can sense it in the coaches and that carries over to the team. Ray, bless his heart, was just like Barney Fife when it came to UF what we lacked in coaching we made up for by having NO F**ing LUCK at all.
      Then JD followed and even after the 97 win SOS just pimp slapped us the next year and put us back in our place.

      So we get CMR and he’s from FSU and they held there own with UF. Wrong, we can’t beat them with effing Zook as the coach until 2004. Then we beat them in 2007 but we spit in Superman’s face and he punishes us for not one but two years. Urban does not forget.

      We are just freaking head cases when it comes to UF. The coaches resorting to uniform gimmicks, the players pissing themselves when they get slapped in the mouth and the fans now expecting to lose. We watch the whole game waiting for IT to happen, we don’t know what IT is but we know IT well.

      PLEASE lets just go down there and play the damn game and win or lose lets not make a damn big deal about it.


      • JaxDawg

        Not making a big deal about losing this GD game for 20 years is the exact reason we are where we are today. Florida has had the better team many times, but us acting like it’s “just another game” has gotten us kicked to the curb. Treating this as just another game we can afford to lose has translated to SHIT on the field.

        This is NOT another game.

        And anyone thinking otherwise is either too stupid too realize it or too much of a coward to face the facts.

        I learned a long, long time ago that to beat a bully, you must put your fist between their eyeballs and punch them in the nose as hard as you can. Fear nothing and fight like hell.

        That’s the Junkyard Dawg way damnit!

        We have to want that game MORE than Florida and these young men need to be motivated and lead to think that there is no way in God’s name they are going to lose! These are not NFL guys with NFL money – these are kids! Lead them!

        Thank GOD our military leaders don’t approach their jobs with a “just go in there and play the game” attitude.

        There is no win or lose anymore with Florida.

        Win or die gentlemen.


        • Chuck

          WEll, that you could not have been said any better than that! Amen!


        • Hackerdog

          That’s right. Anybody who has ever settled in over a 3-foot birdie putt knows that the way you sink it is to jump up and down beforehand and scream about how important it is.

          I want to beat Florida as much as anybody. But when we lose, I don’t assume that the kids and coaches don’t care. That’s stupid. They care much more than I do. Sometimes they get some bad luck, sometimes they’re the better team, and sometimes we just find a way to lose. The way to stop that and win is not to jump around and scream about it being important.


  3. Prosticutor

    Boxers or briefs, Mr. McGarity?


  4. Derek

    Q: Did you endorse or object to the idea of hiring Ron Zook at Florida?


  5. kdsdawg

    McGarity’s first order of business should be to call CMR in his office and tell him what it felt like being a Dawg at heart and having the Gators dominate our a**es on a regular bases and having to listen to their shat and knowing in his heart he was a dawg and it was killing him. He then looks at CMR and says, I want it to end and I want it to end now