So, how does he throw with only one arm?

Spencer Hall takes note of Tennessee freshman QB Tyler Bray.

Tyler Bray is the new Casey Clausen…

Georgia fans only hope we can be so lucky.



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6 responses to “So, how does he throw with only one arm?

  1. Brandon

    One of the really great things about going back and watching the hobnail boot game is to hear the announcers gush over Casey Clausen’s future and the special “interplay” between him and other playmakers. Especially after the Travis Stephens touchdown. We are practically inside the 10 on the next drive before the announcers realize that the meme they have been developing fervently about the charmed season of UT and their great young leader at quarterback is about to go down in flames faster than you can say P-44 Haynes. I love every minute of it, I guess its about time for me to break out my old VCR and the tape I have of the game, 22 days and counting. Go Dawgs!


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Tyler Bray is the new Casey Clausen…
    …. so he’s a dickhead?


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Clausen baiting the Dawgs with his comments on beating UGA between the hedges was endearing. Pollack in the backfield in that game as a blocking back was a lot of fun.


  4. Doug

    That’s Katie Clausen.


  5. anon

    I’m really glad the youngest Clausen will be playing for the Panthers. Watching the Falcons own him will be almost as gratifying as watching his elder brothers get knocked around by the Dawgs.


  6. CLTDawg

    Sadly, I have been telling all my Panther fan neighbors the same thing…but the kid actually looked pretty good last night. However, he still has the Clausen bloodline going for him, which means we should continue the ownership of the Panthers.