“Don’t worry, changes have been made.”

You can see Pre-Snap Read’s preview of #19 Georgia here.  I would describe it as cautiously optimistic – in other words, falling somewhere between Andrea Adelson and College Football News –  which is certainly a prudent way to look at the program from the perspective of fall camp.

… Let’s not allow the disappointing finishes of the last two years to tarnish what Richt has accomplished with the Bulldogs; the fact that a 18-8 mark over two years can be construed as a disappointment should be reason enough to comprehend to what heights Richt has taken the Georgia program.

There’s a look at the four personnel keys to the season here.  And Todd Grantham gets a perceptive look here.

… What’s the point I’m trying — and failing, it feels like — to make here? That Grantham isn’t using last season’s depth chart at gospel. Kudos to him, if true. It would have been easy for him to rely upon experience to form his new starting 11. Easy, but misguided…

… And that’s all that should matter. And that’s all that Grantham cares about. His rebuilding job won’t take a month. It might take a year — it might take more. However, it’s heartening to see that he’s picking the players best fit for this defense, even if it means sacrificing experience for potential. That’s a good thing, in my opinion — a great thing. And it bodes well for the Georgia defense under his watch.



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  1. JasonC

    Wait, how can Troy be #64 if the Dogs are #64?


  2. Macallanlover

    “For now, the Gators have fewer holes to fill”…….what? I don’t find it unreasonable for some to feel Florida will beat UGA this year, or predict them to win the East. Their is a decent chance either of those could occur as 2010 plays out. The inertia of the two programs over the past 4 years lends itself to lead people in that direction.

    So it looks to be very close, and it depends on who answers the questions best, but you cannot seriously look at two programs and not see that UF lost much more talent than UGA did. And yes, both have great talent stepping up due to recruiting success, but that doesn’t immediately replace the proven level of performance on the field.


    • Macallanlover

      Sorry, “there is a decent chance”, not “their”. Put me on the list asking for an editing feature.


    • All of that may be true, but it’s only half of the equation.

      The other half is that Georgia finished four games behind Florida last year in the East. That’s a helluva gap to make up in one season.


      • Mike

        This is one thing I try and point out when comparing the two programs. One, both programs have had DCs leave. And losing Strong can and probably will have a more negative impact on the UF defense than the negative impact on the UGA defense with the departure of Martinez. I guess in some UGA circles, said departure is viewed as a great (potential) positive?

        All this said, the Florida defense was ranked in the top five last year and the UGA defense was closer to one hundred, yes?

        Therefore, I doubt very seriously that the two defenses will switch statistical places in 2010. But I agree they certainly can be and probably will be closer to each other this year than last.


        • All this said, the Florida defense was ranked in the top five last year and the UGA defense was closer to one hundred, yes?

          Believe it or not, Georgia actually wound up ranked 38th nationally in total defense.

          But overall, I tend to agree with you.


        • HiramDawg

          Isn’t the assumption that there will be no significant drop-off in defensive results due to Strong’s departure about the same as CMR believing there would be no drop-off when BVG left? I haven’t seen much reporting on Austin’s prior success. The Cardinals’ websites said they were glad to see him go for the most part. UGA can improve considerably on D, while Strong had fl at their peak. Austin has an incredibly tough act to follow. Won’t surprise me at all if Austin gets a lot of criticism this year.


        • Macallanlover

          I don’t disagree at all that UGA and UF ended 2009 at the same level, so the plusses and minuses start from a different point. We may feel differently about how much that gap closes, but none of us know enough about that until the games begin to be played. It is just my opinion that things look pretty equal, but I respect some don’t feel that way. My point was the comment that UGA had more holes to fill was made without a close look at the facts. Regardless, the East looks to be tight and the game in Jax will propbably decide the slot in Atlanta.


  3. Mr. Georgia Football Returns

    One of the crown jewels of Granthams defense is conspicuously missing. Where are the interceptions?
    Scot Lakatos’ secondary hasn’t produced many interceptions during the last few scrimmages…..the only one was by Alec Ogletree,a second teamer, that I have seen. We have a good pass rush and a rookie quarterback, this should result in more interceptions. Where are the interceptions?
    Scot Lakatos was brought in to improve in this area at a salary of $180,000.

    Not many interceptions=Lakatos Intolerance