You can get away with a lot more when red panties aren’t involved.

Were I a member of the Kansas fan base that had provided financial support to the athletic department over the years, this would drive me mad.

As a member of the Georgia fan base, this double standard makes me mad:

At Georgia, the athletic director resigns after a DUI arrest. At Kansas, the athletic director with a history of financial abuses is due a $600,000 retention payment if he’s still on the job June 30, 2011.

No defense of Damon Evans intended here, but as I think of scooters and alleys and ladies underwear, it sure seems like there’s a greater degree of tolerance for misbehavior in much of the college football world than in Athens, Georgia.  I’m not saying Georgia has the wrong approach, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a more level playing field, either.



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16 responses to “You can get away with a lot more when red panties aren’t involved.

  1. jw

    It is all about Expectations!


  2. Bulldog Bry

    It is truly aggravating. I’m still miffed about the Vol brawl and it’s apparent lack of consequences. Meanwhile, we lose a guy for a game for drunk in public or MIP.


    • RedCrake

      And because we hold them responsible and punish them (and it is reported that we are doing so), we’re an out of control, thug program.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        We are 4th and the Vols 6th in the Fulmer Cup standings. I was surprised to see Duke at 8th place.


        • RedCrake

          I didn’t mean in relation to the Vols in particular… For the life of me I just can’t figure out why the wider perception of our discipline problems is worse than schools that sweep things under the rug simply because our coaches and administrators choose to handle things the right way.

          Human nature I guess.


  3. Max

    We have lost so many games over the years to pro teams and teams where their best players were simply ineligible anywhere else or would never play for us under the same circumstances.

    Oklahoma State’s two big plays were made by players we wouldn’t have had on the field for the same transactions here (Ask Bruce Figgins). Don’t get me started with Clemson in the ’80s, Auburn after that (Will always chafes m when they “compare” us to Auburn academically.)


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    I have a feeling had that Kansas AD disembarked from one of those plane rides under the influence, arm in arm with a women other than his wife and in the possession of her undergarment he would not receive that financial package. Did he actually break a law?


  5. Mike

    As an outsider looking in, I think the most damning things about the whole incident were not the DUI and the red panties, but it was a combination of what looked to be a not-too-subtle attempt to bribe the police as well as the behavior of said owner of the panties.

    And when I say damning, I do not mean to be passing judgement, but merely to pointout what I think were the straws that broke the back of the…Head Dog.


  6. Will Trane

    Life is not fair. Football is a game. Kansas is a liberal blue state. Kansas is not in the south. Their culture and thinking is different than ours. They could not decide side they want to be on in the War Between the States.

    Kansas is not a football or baseball school. They think they are a basketball power. What does that say about them.

    Who cares what they do.

    Buy tickets to Dawg sports programs. Give to the University and the programs. Be there for the Dawgs. We control our destiny.

    Be humble with other programs. But under your breath tell them to go to hell. I think there is a word for that.

    Frankly I don’t give a damn about Kansas. Have we ever played them in anything.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Did I miss something? Kansas is a blue state? A liberal state? Are you kidding me? Kansas doesn’t even share a *BORDER* with a blue state. They call it the Bible Belt for a reason. Kansas is the buckle of a bright, bold red strip that runs right down the nation’s middle.


  7. 81Dog

    “Bribe” is way too strong a word to use for what it appears Damon was trying to do with the cop. Was he trying to use his position to get a break? No doubt about it. Was he offering the cop anything to let him go? Not even by implication. There’s a big difference between implying “Can’t you give me a break because I’m a big shot” and “If you give me a break, I’ll make it worth your while.” It’s fair to crack on Damon for being a dumbass, but it’s really going beyond a fair interpretation of what he did to call it an attempted bribe. Of course, for people who hate UGA, stretching the proof beyond reasonable limits isn’t exactly unusual.


  8. HiramDawg

    Huh?! Even hitler wouldn’t consider Kansas liberal. But if you are suggesting a ‘police state’ is a desireable environment, then consider me a liberal.

    So Georgia is less liberal due to CMR’s actions, while TN is more liberal because of kiffin’s actions? Or is it the opposite?


  9. South FL Dawg

    Not to overlook the red panties but….

    I agree with the person that pointed out the jerk at Kansas didn’t OVERTLY break a law. Plus it’s politics, and favors are exchanged; anytime collusion is involved, good luck proving anything.


  10. Will Trane

    Kansas. Lawrence, Kansas. That is the home of the Univ of Kansas. Is it not the site of the famous “Lawrence Massacre”. Seems I remember reading that in a history course on the north campus one quarter. I thought it was the center for the Redlegs and the Jayhawkers…Quantrill’s Raiders…John Brown. And now coaches & AD issues.

    Yeah, “Kansas” has more history than sports programs. But they could have blue panties.

    They may have been red at one time, but it looks to us they are blue now. Is that one of their school colors.