I love the smell of acronym in the morning.

I can feel a new one coming on.

… When the No. 3 Gators open their season Sept. 4 against Miami (Ohio) at The Swamp, John Brantley IV will make his first start at quarterback. For the first time in three seasons, someone other than 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will start under center for the Gators.

Playing quarterback at a school such as Florida comes with enough on-the-job hazards. But replacing someone like Tebow, who is regarded as one of the sport’s greatest players after helping the Gators win BCS national championships in 2006 and ’08, might be the least enviable job in recent college football history.

“He’s got more pressure on him than any player in college football history,” former Florida quarterback Shane Matthews said.  [Emphasis added.]

I don’t think we can let that one pass, can we, folks?

(h/t EDSBS, particularly because I wasn’t going to read the damned article in the first place)


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27 responses to “I love the smell of acronym in the morning.

  1. Urban

    Yes, He’s the “THPQBOOE” tm

  2. Russell

    It’s always the “bestest ” and the “mostest” with those living, breathing, Tools. The Historocity department at FU should be proud.
    I’ve never seen or studied a more arrogant bunch in “our times” or in all of “CFB history”.
    I don’t care what they’ve done, their utterances make them look like navel gazers.

    • Reptillicide

      I’m with ya. The arrogance is out of hand and displayed by every single Gator out there. For the sake of humanity and all that is good in the world… I hope they lose every game they play.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. I agree with Reptillicide. Also, the guy who really has a legitimate beef about this revisionist history is the forgotten man of FLA football, Chris Leak. He was the starter all season in 2006, not Tebow, who was only a role player. Yet Tebow seems to get all the credit for that year,too. Leak lead his team to a 13-1 record and a BCSNC and gets no respect. The following year FLA loses 4 games and the new QB, Tebow, wins the Heisman Trophy because of a statistical anomaly (20 TDs scored passing and 20 scored rushing) that the sports media found sooooo irresistible. Yeah, give it to the new guy for losing. “Lose one for the Gipper.” That’s FLA and Tebow’s motto. I am surprised Leak even gets invited back to Homecoming as everybody in the State of Florida seems to have forgotten who he is and what he did, lost in the bright Tebow light.

        • Phocion

          Yes, he is the Tee Martin of Florida. I am sure they are both having wonderful lives.

        • Mike

          You mean, other than the fact that during the 2008 National Championship celebration, Leak was there to hand the MVP trophy to Tebow? This is the trophy Leak won in 2006, so it was symbolic of passing the MNC MVP torch. Word has it that Corch approved, btw.

          Also, you mean, other than the fact the Leak was at most of the 2010 spring practice, acting as a mentor to Brantley?

          And finally, you mean, other than the fact that Leak and Meyer often talk to and txt one another?

          You mean, other than these things, Leak is completely ignored, right?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Certainly he has been by the fans and media. I am happy to hear that Corch at least is not treating him badly, though. Corch just went up in my eyes a little.

  3. ausdawg85

    Early Nominees (acronymns and otherwise):

    MPOQBE (Most pressure on QB evah)
    The 2nd Coming (has he had sex yet?)
    The Other One
    Ditto (or ” ” ” …my personal favorite abbreviation, as in, “Today, QB ” ” ” threw a forward pass from under center, thus entering a new era for the Gators”)

  4. RusDawg

    He has a lot of pressure on him? Sounds like he is on the hot seat….

  5. fetch

    He’s a Quarterback Under Extreme External Forces (QUEEF).

  6. Lau

    Great blog you have going on here. Half the time you’re hat tippin’ to EDSBS while the other half you’re trolling the internet in search of any sort of sign that you are catching up to Florida. Shouldn’t you clowns be more concerned with Kentucky and Tennessee for the time being? Can’t wait until Brantley lights up your sorry asses.

    • X-Dawg

      Trolling Mr. Pot?

    • Russell

      Speaking of trolling, I knew you or one of your kind would show …and apparently in a foul mood.
      And yeah, we are concerned. But not about you. You gator fans are still the running joke you always have been. That’ll never change.
      Word for you. Don’t count your chickens just yet. Things may not be quite the same. All things eventually change. We should know considering all the years we ground your hopes into the Jacksonville turf.

    • Prov

      Normally I would try to come up with some witty thing to say in this situation (and usually fail). However, I’ve had a few drinks tonight at a celebration of a dear friend and I’m not feeling too verbose. Or maybe I am. Either way, I’ll just give you a big ole GO FUCK YOURSELF and be done with it.

    • Go Dawgs!


    • Lau, just curious – do you think Brantley’s got more pressure on him than any player in college football history?

      By the way, that would include the era prior to 1990. 😉

      • Mike

        No. I would argue that Tebow had more pressure on him last year. The pressure to repeat, go undefeated, win another Heisman, etc. etc.

        The means the GPOOE was also GPOOEWTMP, right?

      • Lau

        No. Pressure is for the weak anyway. Did you see that pornstach Brantley grew? To me that says “I plan to put Florida up by 30 at halftime in Jacksonville so I can hurry back to my crib and have a threesome with Lisa De Leeuw and Desiree Cousteau.

  7. aristoggle

    I suggest we keep it simple.

    To wit: JBIV

    Doesn’t capture the quote, but it has a subtle elegance.