Tuesday morning buffet

A little of this and a little of that for you…

  • Verne Lundquist, on what constitutes excessive celebration“I know what it’s not. It’s not A.J. Green reacting with joy to a touchdown catch in the Georgia end zone.”
  • It looks like Christian LeMay has gone all in with Georgia.
  • Craig James won’t be doing any Texas Tech broadcasts this season, per a WWL spokesman.  That’s the least they could do.
  • Les Miles is certainly familiar with bad timing, so you’ve got to figure today he’s thinking if this had only happened a month or so ago, this wouldn’t have.
  • Dueling pundits:  compare Dennis Dodd’s throwaway line about Georgia – “What is the third-best team — Arkansas?, LSU?, South Carolina? (Please don’t give me Georgia).” – with what Andy Staples had to say in his preseason top 25 about his third-best team in the SEC, “… As I was putting together an all-SEC team for another project, I kept coming up with Bulldogs (Green, Boling, Glenn, Houston, K Blair Walsh, P Drew Butler) on the first team. That’s a lot of elite talent. Now consider this fact: Georgia won only eight games last year, and Coach Mark Richt has yet to post back-to-back single-digit-win seasons…”
  • More shrinkage at Tennessee.
  • Georgia fans certainly seem to be fed up with the state of the program these days.


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26 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Regular Guy

    I would have never in a million years guessed UAB and ULaLa to be in that top 25 list……..especially above Texas.


    • JasonC

      I noted the same thing. I don’t know about UAB, but I also noticed that Colorado was on the list. I wonder if Bulldog fans are buying tickets from ULL and Colorado which is driving up the prices.

      Any other guesses?


  2. kckd

    If it weren’t for Mandel, Dodd would be my least favorite college football writer. Does absolutely no homework, one of the laziest guys out there covering the thing.

    Pretty sure he was the one saying Gray would be our QB right after the bowl game because Richt wouldn’t want to hand that position over to a freshman.

    All he would’ve had to do is talk to anyone who sniffed BM to know that it likely was Aaron’s spot to lose.


  3. Scott W.

    The celebration penalty was definite BS, but what really killed the Dogs was the illegal formation on the penalized kickoff. It was just another shoot yourself in the foot moment covered by the fact that UGA got hosed right before. During the same game CMR called a timeout right before the half to review ball placement and the official didn’t even confer with the booth. Hopefully something has been done about the officiating this year.


    • 69Dawg

      No one has to my knowledge mentioned that earlier in the game Orson Charles made a catch and pumped his fists and was promptly flagged by the GT crew. In reviewing the SCU and Aky games he had done the same thing and no flag was thrown. Seems to me that the GT crew is and will be out get UGA, we are still paying the price for Al Fords crew being suspended following the Jasper non-fumble. We need to look no further than the crew and the booth review official to determine if we are going to win or lose a game. The perfect storm is the GT crew or Penn’s crew and Al Ford as replay official, we might as well call it a game.


  4. Zdawg

    I can’t help but wonder if LeMay may expect to start as a freshman. I can certainly see a push for playing time sooner than later–perhaps resulting in DJ-Green scenario.


    • DawgPhan

      Anyone else think that this sets a precedent for elite high school athletes to start skipping the senior year entirely, home school and work full time with trainers and coaches? Seems like a smart move for the elite kids, if the parents have the resources, and the Dawgs get a guy who has spent the last year doing nothing but football.


    • 69Dawg

      I hope for his sake and his parents that the good old UGA admissions committee will not deem him unfit to attend our holier than thou institution as they have done twice in the past. Cop’s said it was not criminal and the school system seems to have a hard on for the principal, no pun intended. CL just got in the line of fire.


  5. Puffdawg

    Obviously Verne did not watch the 2008 Sugar Bowl…


  6. Bad M

    Dodd: “Voters would be hypocritical if they dropped Boise St. after winning all their games.” I seem to remember a certain Coach (Richt) saying the same thing a few years ago right before we got jumped by LSU. And we didn’t even play badly to warrant a drop. (Yes we didn’t win the division…we lost on a freakin’ tie-breaker.)
    I love how they all assume the league is down without even seeing a single snap. They said the same thing last year and how many teams made bowl games?


  7. Dog in Fla

    “Coach Derek Dooley said Monday that he knew the pair were ‘academic risks’ when he signed them in February. He says neither player has determined what he will do now.”

    The Derek-Ness, an esteemed UGA Law grad, while still with a head of hair like a Werewolf of London

    continues to learn that Knoxville is a geographic oddity


  8. Go Dawgs!

    I hope and pray that we win the SEC this year, just so I can send Dennis Dodd 365 emails in 365 days with that quote in 40-point font. That smug son of a bitch needs to eat his words. I don’t even so much want it for the enjoyment of watching UGA win a title. I just want it to shut him up, show him up, and prove once and for all that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    Oh, and Boise State isn’t going undefeated, Dennis. They’re overrated, and Virginia Tech is going to stomp a mudhole. Believe that.


    • Macallanlover

      I would like to be copied on those emails to that twerp. Not that we should bea favorite to win the conference, but dismissing our chances at being less that Arky, LSU, and SC, two of whom are in bama’s division? Almost “adrianesque” in it’s ignorance.


    • SSB Charley

      Feel free to cc Paul Finebaum on it as well.


  9. shane#1

    I said on another site that I would cast no stones at Dooley The Younger because he has to win games to hold the UT job long enough to change the culture. Just be careful Coach D. Think WWVD.